Initial Health Consultation, 90 minutes
If you have health concerns you want to work on and you’ve never seen me before, this is where you start. Includes complete health history; survey of body systems; Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis; and a treatment plan that integrates lifestyle, nutritional, herbal, and whole foods supplement support.
Fee: $150

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Follow up Health Consultation, 30 minutes
Progress check with dietary and supplement adjustments as needed. (If you haven’t seen me for a year, you should schedule the Initial Health Consultation above.)
Fee: $55

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Initial Acupuncture Visit, 90 minutes
I am not accepting new acupuncture clients at this time. Please see the description above for Initial Health Consultation. Many issues can be resolved with herbal/nutritional approaches alone, and do not require regular acupuncture.

Acupuncture Continuing Treatment, 60 minutes
For patients who are already acupuncture clients and would like to reschedule an appointment. Includes progress check, update of any herbal/nutritional protocols, and acupuncture treatment.
Fee: $80

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Natal reading using the Zi Wei Dou Shu , or Pole Star astrology system. An analysis of the qi patterns that shape your life, including natural gifts and challenges, and how to weave these fated qualities into a rich and meaningful life.
60 minutes/$125

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Do you really need all those supplements? What about weight loss? How should you eat for  better energy and immune function? What about fat and cholesterol? Get all these questions  answered and more. Go away with an eating plan that will support your health for life. I use only raw whole foods supplements from Standard Process when support is needed.
60 minutes/$150

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Soul retrieval, extraction of negative energy, divination, power animal retrieval, and other   shamanic healing techniques are available on a sliding scale of $75-$125. Most sessions take 60-90 minutes. This work cannot be self scheduled through my website. Please call or email so I can  discuss the best scheduling options for you.


Please see details on my feng shui site, , about how to arrange Feng Shui consultations.

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