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Narrye Caldwell, L.Ac.

Welcome to Cold Spring Healing Arts. Over the past 30 years I have developed expertise in a number of traditional healing methods that I now offer in my private practice and teaching. My early training was in Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts, and these still inform my view of what it means to cultivate health, beauty, and wisdom in the modern world. I also have in depth training and advanced initiations in core shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I am currently on the FSS faculty, teaching the full complement of in-person and online workshops in core shamanism.

I invite you to reach out to me through the contact form on this site. Let me know what you’d like help with, or what you’re curious about. Also check out my classes and workshops, or put yourself on my mailing list (click on the photo at the bottom of the column on the right) to receive announcements about new offerings.

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Workshops in Core Shamanism

“After having personally practiced shamanism, shamanic healing, and shamanic journeying for more than half a century, I can say that there is nothing I have encountered in reports of the spiritual experiences of saints, prophets, psychedelic drug experimenters, near death survivors, avatars and other mystics that is not commonly experienced when following classic journey methods using a drum.”  — Michael Harner

As a faculty member with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, founded by Dr. Michael Harner, I teach the full complement of online and in-person workshops in core shamanism.

Way of the Shaman: Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing, is the prerequisite workshop for all in-person advanced shamanic healing trainings. The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge and Power followed by Divination in Practice, are the prerequisites for more advanced online workshops. Check out the Getting Started page on the FSS website for more information about trainings in core shamanism.



Michael Harner’s
Shamanic Extraction Healing
Taught by Narrye Caldwell
August 24-25, 2024

Soquel, CA.
10-5:30 Saturday, 10:30-6:00 Sunday

Tuition: $295 ($275 until July 26)

Participants are initiated into the extraction method of healing, including how to see, sense, and remove localized illness and pain connected to spiritual factors. This is an important part of shamanic healing training. They will also learn how shamanic practitioners can work in partnership to increase the effectiveness of this work. The Extraction Healing Training workshop is designed exclusively for people who want to bring shamanic healing work into their practice with others. The training is not designed for people looking for personal healing.


  1. The in-person weekend Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman; OR
  2. Three one-day online workshops, if in-person Basic Workshop has not been completed:

Note: Shamanic Extraction Healing Training is a prerequisite for Power Soul Retrieval, along with Shamanism, Dying & Beyond.

For details and registration click HERE


Michael Harner’s
Way of the Shaman
Shamanic Journeying, Power, & Healing

Taught by Narrye Caldwell

October 26-27, 2024
Soquel, CA.
10-5:30 Saturday, 10:30-6:00 Sunday

Tuition: $295 ($275 until Sept. 27)

During the Basic experiential workshop, participants are introduced to core shamanism, the universal, near-universal, and common methods of the shaman to enter nonordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Particular emphasis is on the classic shamanic journey, one of the most remarkable visionary methods used by humankind to explore the hidden universe otherwise known mainly through myth and dream. Participants are initiated into shamanic journeying, aided by drumming and other techniques for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with Nature.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

For details and registration click HERE


Advanced Shamanic Healing Practice
Taught by Narrye Caldwell

December 7-8, 2024
Soquel, CA.
10-5:30 Saturday, 10:30-6:00 Sunday

Tuition: $295 ($275 until Nov. 8)

This two-day workshop is designed to provide to students with advanced FSS training, the opportunity for hands-on healing practice using multiple core shamanic methods.

The first day includes a review and practice of these primary methods: extraction healing, power animal retrieval, psychopomp work, and power soul retrieval. General parameters of a shamanic healing session as well as important ethical considerations will be discussed.

On day two, participants will have the opportunity to offer a complete shamanic healing session for another workshop participant. Afterward there will be group Q & A and discussion focused on clarifying the methodologies and addressing issues that arise during the healing sessions.

This training provides students the opportunity to “put it all together” by applying multiple core shamanic healing methods in a solo session for another participant. This is also a rare chance to exchange information and discuss shamanic healing with other advanced practitioners.

Those who are beginning a shamanic healing practice, as well as seasoned practitioners seeking to increase their proficiency, can benefit from this hands-on training.


  1. The in-person weekend Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman; OR substitute these three 7-hour online workshops for the Basic: The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge & Power AND Shamanic Divination in Practice AND Shamanism, Spirits & Healing
  2. AND Shamanism, Dying & Beyond OR The Shaman As Psychopomp (online)
  3. AND Shamanic Extraction Healing Training OR Shamanic Extraction Healing Method (online)
  4. AND Power Soul Retrieval Training OR Power Soul Retrieval Method (online)
  5. OR, The Two Week Shamanic Healing Intensive may be substituted for the above.

Note: In addition to the above required courses, Shamanism in Practice: Ethical, Effective, and Inspired Shamanic Healing OR Inspired Shamanic Practice: Essentials of Effective & Principled Shamanic Healing (online) is highly recommended.

For details and registration click HERE




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