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Happy Chinese New Year!

Growl! Read about the coming Year of the Metal Tiger!

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2010: The Year of the Metal Tiger

And now for something completely different…..February 14, 2010 ushers in the Chinese Lunar Year of 4707, Year of the Metal Tiger. Prepare yourselves. Tiger energy can leave you sitting in the dust at the starting gate, wondering where everyone went, … Continue reading

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Audio Interview with Narrye

Soon after the publication of her book on Qigong, Narrye Caldwell gave this interview about Blossoms in the Spring Listen to Narrye Caldwell talk about Qigong Interview with Ted Mancuso,  Narrye’s Co-Author Special Listener Discount, Order Now

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Diet and Immunity–two secrets to a strong immune system

These days, almost everyone in my practice wants to know what they can do to strengthen their immune system.  Most are hoping for a special herb or remedy, and some have a favorite concoction that they take at the first … Continue reading

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From Lunacy to Philosophy

In his excellent book “The Fourfold Path to Healing,” Thomas Cowan, M.D. talks about how women must move from a moon ruled life to a Jupiter ruled life at menopause. What does this mean? Continue reading

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