Course Curriculum for Eight Month Shamanic Healing Class

  • Working with the Spirits of Nature and the Spirits of Place
  • Merging with your Helping Spirits
  • Empowering sacred tools
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Extraction of negative energies
  • Psychopomp work–working with and healing the spirits of the dead
  • Finding your Soul song and making a deep connection with your True Self
  • Healing with song and movement
  • Drum healing
  • Distance healing
  • Shamanic healing ethics & practice
  • Integrating shamanic practices with other healing modalities

Registration & Requirements

You must be able to attend all 9 sessions. You should also already have basic journey skills. If you don’t, please contact me to find out how to learn to journey before the start of the course. Participants are required to bring a single frame drum, a rattle, a notebook, an eye covering and blanket for journeying, to each class.

To register, fill out the course application (available here,) and return it with a deposit of $100 to reserve your space. The course is limited to eight participants.

Course Fees: The total course fee is $1050 (see applicable discount and payment options on payment page.) A deposit of $100 is due with registration to reserve your space. You will be directed to the payment page after you have submitted your application.

Cancellation Policy: a full refund will be made for any reason up to October 28. 50% refund up to Nov. 4. No refunds will be made after the start of the class, unless cancelled by the teacher.

To apply, Please click HERE

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