Distance Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing works with the spiritual aspect of illness. It is not limited by ordinary reality time and space. All the methods that we use in a face to face healing session, including power animal and soul retrieval, divination, extraction, psychopomp work, and depossession, can be effectively done at a distance. When I do distance healing I schedule a specific time for the client, and ask that they be in a place where they can be quiet, attentive, and undisturbed. I need the client’s address so I know where to send the power of the spirits. We communicate in advance, usually through email, about the client’s specific request. I then proceed, from the healing space at my home, to call in my helping spirits, ask for their help, and “send” them to the client to do whatever work will be most helpful. After the session, I email the client, ask them if they have any feedback, and give them a report of what healing work the spirits did.

Fee for distance healing is a sliding scale contribution (suggested range $75-$100) via the Gift Basket on the home page. Email me via the contact form to schedule.

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