Happy New Year–2021 Year of the Metal Ox


Year of the Metal Ox–February 12, 2021

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Let me start with a true story. Twenty years ago we had a presidential election that was too close to call. Everything hinged on a razor thin margin in Florida that showed George Bush leading Al Gore by a mere 537 votes. State law required a recount. A month of legal battles ensued, and finally a Supreme Court decision stopped the recount in Florida. This resulted in Bush winning the presidency with 271 electoral votes, one more than required, in spite of losing the popular vote by a significant number.

That winter I attended a Chinese New Year’s talk by one of my teachers, Lu Ming. Ming’s talks were always sprinkled with stories and clever insights. And this is what he said, with a sardonic
chuckle, about the election I just described: “If it had been a Rat year, every vote would have been counted.”

Well, here we are. The election we just had is the one Ming foretold. It happened in a Rat year, and yes, every vote got counted. This past Rat year brought much hardship, which there is no need to review here. But the one silver lining is, “in a Rat year, every vote gets counted.”

Overview of the year

First let’s talk about the Metal Ox. Ox qi is associated with the long view. The Ox is a yin Earth sign, so patience, endurance, constancy, and persistence are its superpowers. Remember that, because though there is much to be done and the world is in a frightful state right now, the new qi coming in with the Ox year brings the strength required to shoulder burdens, take on the necessary work, and keep our eyes on long term solutions.

Each year’s astrological signature is made up of the combination of heaven qi—which is Metal this year—and the Earth qi associated with the animal sign—in this case, Earth. From the traditional Five Phase view, Earth nourishes Metal so we have a harmonious energetic quality to the year. Think of it this way—the stability and constancy of Earth, when unobstructed, can transform base metal into gold. We have an opportunity now. Through hard work and sound judgment, we can recover what is precious and lies buried deep within us. So, noses to the grindstone, all.

Now for the fun part. Here’s a quick look at how each animal sign can best utilize this year’s qi.

Don’t let them give you a bad rap just because this last year was a train wreck. Remember, it was entirely due to your relentless pursuit of all the data and factual evidence, that we managed to survive. (Thank you for making sure that every vote was counted.) The upcoming Ox year will be supremely lucky for you. Ox is your good friend, providing the physical ballast you need (and don’t always have in your own constitution), to move ahead with plans for expanding home and finances. Just hop on the Ox train and enjoy having the wind at your back.

Traditionally, when a zodiac sign encounters its own year, it is not always lucky. In fact, this can be a particularly fraught time. However, one of Ox’s superpowers is a thick skin and a conservative nature. So, Ox actually experiences its own year as positive and productive. Being suddenly thrust front and center in the arena of the year’s action, doesn’t bother Ox at all. Now is the time to just keep doing what you do best—work methodically, persevere with your goals, be consistent and fair, stay fixed on the long view, and tend your family and friends. We all need your rock-solid steadiness and reliability now.

Tigers are easily frustrated by Ox’s conservative nature and methodical approach to getting things done. To the impulsive Tiger, the Ox approach just seems, well, plodding. Nowhere near enough panache for the Tiger. So, this is an important year for you to lie low, gather your strength (your nerves are a jangled mess from the chaotic Rat year), and nourish your muscles. Fatten up a bit. Avoid getting frustrated with the seemingly slow pace of recovery this year. Ox is on it, but not in the dramatic way you prefer. Wait this one out, or at least stay in the background. Next year is your year and you can leap out of your cave in a dazzling display of power.

You have some problems with the relentless hard work that will characterize the Ox year. Your nature requires a bit of luxury and a peaceful home for retreat and comfort. The violence and conflict that flared up in the Rat year was profoundly disturbing to you, and though you usually avoid conflict like the plague, you are entirely capable of a surprising level of combativeness when cornered. Now would be a good time to take a page from the Tiger’s book (see above) and use the stability offered this year to nourish your own frayed nerves. Take some time to recuperate.

You are one of the few who managed to come out of the Rat year in pretty good shape. Your flexibility and panache stood you in good stead, and your charisma and imagination were well supported by Rat’s fevered attention to detail and analysis. Now, you can use Ox’s stability and work ethic to move steadily forward with your plans. Oh, right—did I mention you actually have to work now, not just dream?

If ever there was a year for you, this is it. You’ve been working behind the scenes for so long, laying the groundwork for change with very little reward. But you are nothing if not persistent. Now, your very good friend Ox volunteers to hitch himself to your cart and actually pull you along toward the future you’ve been planning for years. Finally, everyone listens to your sage advice. You have an almost mystical power. Hint: Bernie Sanders was born in the year of the Snake. So, put on those mittens and watch what happens.

Let me put it this way. Anything is better than the Rat year for you. If you were able to make it through without a nervous breakdown, you can look forward to stretching your legs a little now. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be totally smooth sailing. Ox and Horse have somewhat different agendas. Just because they are both big and strong and know how to pull a cart, does not mean they have similar styles. For Ox, it’s all about work; endless plowing is very satisfying. Horse is a sporting type and needs to also play and gamble about in the meadow. So, make sure you take plenty of breaks, take time for your daily exercise and, like Joe Biden who is also a Horse (and a wise one), bring along a Dog to keep you company.

Ox and Sheep are opposites in the Chinese zodiac. Sorry to tell you this, but the upcoming year could be a struggle for you. Here’s the thing—you, Sheep, are endlessly creative and artistic, as well as being a splendid team player. Ox is the exact opposite; a stern and independent task master who insists that the only way to get anything done is through what seem to you to be mundane, boring, and repetitive tasks. You will feel criticized and unappreciated for your efforts. So, what to do this year? I find myself giving this same advice to Sheep every time they face a rocky year—find solace in your art, whatever that is for you—cook, paint, craft, choreograph, write, dive into your photography. Just don’t let yourself get caught up in the fantasy that you can actually use this relentless Ox qi to your own advantage. Hang in there until the Rabbit year in 2023.

Like Dragon, you came out of the Rat year in pretty good shape. After all, your special talent is turning chaos into a superpower. The danger for you this year, is boredom. You are clever, imaginative, irrepressible, with a quixotic flare for magic. Ox is methodical, conventional, predictable, and hard working. You prefer short cuts to Ox’s thoroughness and patience. You can see how easy it might be to become frustrated this year. The solution—how about acting as a lively and quick-witted messenger or liaison? Let Ox pull the cart while you flit back and forth keeping everyone informed of the progress.

This should be a splendid year for you. The Ox work ethic is right up your alley. You are an expert at long term planning, and no one surpasses you in the ability to delay gratification until the goal is reached. The Ox qi that is dominant this year, is the perfect platform for you to move ahead with your plans without obstruction. Make the most of it. Financial and career plans are especially blessed. You’ve got the equivalent of a “get out of jail free card” this year. Smooth sailing all the way.

This year requires some finesse on your part. You and Ox share a devotion to hard work, but you need a reward at the end of the day while for Ox, the work itself is the reward. This can lead to misunderstandings, stress, and disappointment. You didn’t sign up for an endless grind with no comfy bed at the end of the day. While Ox just keeps going, you are likely to get snappish and ill-tempered. So, make sure you build in plenty of treats for yourself in the form of good meals, long walks, and fun toys. Surround yourself with a supportive pack—Dogs need praise and appreciation.

Pig, being the last animal in the Chinese zodiac, is the talisman of completion. If one could correlate the zodiac with Maslow’s triangle, Pig would be at the apex. At their best, Pigs are cultivated, kind, generous, philosophical, and fun loving. They have exquisite taste and value good manners and civil conversation. Therein lies the problem. Last year was the year that Pigs should have been resting and recuperating, enjoying the afterglow of having hosted a fine party. We all know how that turned out. But this year looks good. Pigs get along just fine with Ox because all the work will get done and Pig can relax. The house will get cleaned, the gazebo will get built, that leaky faucet will get fixed and, above all, there will now be a return to civility. What a relief. You can go back to planning the next dinner party, sorting through the guest list, and anticipating some lively (and intelligent) conversation.

Narrye Caldwell is a retired acupuncturist with a consulting practice in Pole Star Astrology. She can be found at https://www.narryecaldwell.com/, and is available for chart readings by appointment.




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Year of the Metal Rat–Jan. 25, 2020 to Feb. 11, 2021

I almost didn’t write this year’s Chinese astrology column. In late December when it was time to buckle down and get to work, I determined that, finding our world in a state of despair and on the brink of apocalypse, there was just nothing to say that would be helpful. So, in true cowardly fashion, I retreated to my cave, dove under the covers and refused to be cajoled. Anyone brave enough to inquire about the state of my writing life risked losing a limb. Of course, it didn’t help that my winter read was a book about the plague years in the middle ages. I know, bad choice on my part. But I bet there are a few of you out there who can relate just a little bit.

Then something happened. I had a recurrence of some excruciating neck pain that I had thought was tamed long ago. That took me to my chiropractor. In the course of our check in she cheerily noted that my “doom bone” was misaligned and I must be feeling a bit gloomy and anxious. My doom bone? What? Well, apparently this particular cervical misalignment often causes people to go emotionally off the rails, feeling as if the world could end at any moment. With a few gentle expert moves, she nudged the errant bone back into place and bam, it felt like the sun had just come out. Upon returning home, I began to peek out of my cave and consider the possibility that what had looked to me like the apocalypse was actually, well, just winter. And I, who should know better, had made the crucial mistake of pushing myself too hard, when the qi of Winter insists that we retreat and rest. Lesson learned. So, with a bow to my chiropractor, let’s get on with it.

General outlook

On January 25, 2020 we welcome in the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat. The transition we can all look forward to, and must negotiate with care, is worth noting. 2019 was the Year of the Earth Pig. The Pig is the last of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. So, it’s been a year of endings, of things coming apart, the end of a 12-year cycle. From my current vantage point in the Ox month, which is the last month of the last year of a 12-year cycle, the unraveling looks complete, and the glimmer of light we all long for, that spark of yang qi that starts a new cycle, is not yet visible.

This particular Chinese New Year contains an unusual misalignment (remember that doom bone?), that requires skillful management. The Lunar New Year, which always begins on the new moon of the Tiger month (in this case January 25), comes about two weeks before the new solar year begins, which this year is February 6, the first day of a two-week period called “Spring Begins.” Without straining your patience for astrological detail, what happens is that the qi stutters a bit. There’s a false start out of the gate at the lunar new year, followed by a more sure-footed start when the solar new year comes along in February.

There are a number of ways to get tripped up by all this. There’s the usual mistake westerners make of assuming that January (which is always the last month of the old year and not the new year at all) is a great time to start new projects and get going on those new year’s resolutions. It’s not. The qi is still too yin to support such activity and your efforts are bound to fail. The next tripping point this year is the Lunar New Year on January 25. Since that is the first day of the Tiger month, you may feel a surge of power. Don’t mistake this as an invitation to pounce. Not yet. This qi is too young and has no root. It will surely fizzle out without accomplishing much. A better use of the qi here is to use this new optimism and muscularity to plan your next moves. But you should still conserve your energy. Store at least 70% of this fresh new qi. Now, when the solar year begins on Feb. 6, all of the yang qi comes into alignment and you can move forward. The qi is still young and fresh, so don’t spend it recklessly. Give things time to warm up and mature. That way you can enter the new year in full command of your resources.

Now let’s talk about the RAT.

The Chinese name for the qi influence we call “Rat” is “Zi.” “Zi” means seed, and it provides the spark of yang qi necessary to initiate a new cycle. Meaningful change is now possible. The upcoming year is about gathering data and developing detailed and scrupulously designed strategies to bring about the change we seek.

Your assignment is to dig up a copy of the animated movie “The Secret of NIMH,” and watch it. (Hint—it came out in 1982, and if you can’t find it ask a Rat friend for help.) In the movie, the heroine rat, gentle Mrs. Brisby, is given an amulet by wise elder rat, Nicodemus. Stuff happens, lives are at stake, the entire rat community is on the brink of destruction. But (spoiler alert), the rats have concocted a plan. (Remember, the ability to concoct a plan is the Rat’s superpower.) The plan is not without risk; courage and decisive action are required. Indeed, at the crucial moment when all seems lost, Mrs. Brisby must call upon every ounce of her courage. When she does, her amulet transforms into a stone of magical power and the entire rat community is saved from massive destruction at the hands of government forces. This epic tale is your talisman for the year.

The Rat is wise, analytical, strategic, resourceful, and kind. These are the qualities that bring success this year. If we work diligently, relying on intelligence and heart, paying careful attention to the details of our plan and not wavering in our courage, we will find our way through the labyrinth of danger that surrounds and threatens us. In the end, the magical stone of power will see us safely through.

Advice to the 12 Animals in a Rat year:

RAT: One aspect of your genius is the art of concealment. You’re not comfortable making your plans public until all the data is in and you’re sure of the potential for success. But this year the tribe is out of options and has its back against the wall. People will come to you for advice. Remain calm. Be like Nicodemus. Team up with a Dragon who can provide leadership, and an Ox who can carry the workload. Your intelligence and wisdom will prevail, and success is assured.

OX: This is your year to gather strength for the heroic tasks that will be required of you in 2021, the Ox year. For now, be a steadying influence during the Rat year, helping to keep us all focused and calm. Your unflappable ability to stay on course, combined with Rat’s wise counsel and resourcefulness, is just the medicine we need. Your stamina and loyalty inspire trust and hope for the future.

TIGER: Being of Wood energy, you have an affinity for beginnings. The last two years of upheaval, and the chaotic ending of a cycle, have left you frazzled and irritated. It has been impossible to get the rest you require. (Note—tigers in the wild typically sleep for about 15 hours a day. This is necessary to support their immense displays of power during relatively short periods of being awake.) But now, with the stirring of yang qi hosted by the Rat, you smell action. You are one of the zodiac members that respect Rat’s wisdom, in spite of the fact that you could easily crush Rat with one paw. This respect, and your trust in Rat’s ability to concoct a successful plan, are just the things that help soothe your rattled nerves. So, this year you can begin to yawn and stretch. It’s not time to come into full power, and you must patiently wait out the Ox year. Keep storing your qi (think about that required 15 hours of sleep), because you will need to be fully restored by 2022, the Year of the Tiger.

RABBIT: Like the Rat, your diminutive size means you must rely on something other than physical strength to keep you safe. The problem is that your superpower is sensitivity, and the Rat’s is an analytical mind. You feel; Rat thinks. Sometimes you two get conflicting information and this results in misunderstanding and disappointment. But you basically want the same thing, which is a peaceful path back home. So, take a page from the Rat’s book this year and devote yourself to gathering data in support of your long-term goals. Yes, it’s ok to use your preferred method of intuition and feelings. Just stay calm and avoid conflicts.

DRAGON: This is an important year for you. Dragons are powerful, lucky, ambitious, charismatic, and confident. But, according to Chinese philosophers, the Dragon’s talents have no value unless their power is directed to benefiting others. This year you have an opportunity to align yourself with wise advisors (Rat) and use your considerable charisma to become the leader we all need right now. You have a choice: you can be egotistical and selfish, or you can dedicate yourself to the greater good. Choose wisely.

SNAKE: Snakes are reflective, mystical, wise, and philosophical. They are also somewhat solitary and evasive. The recent Pig Year may have felt deeply offensive to you. This year will be better. You and Rat share an appreciation for concealment. To you it is a way of cultivating power. The best use of your qi now is to find a quiet place to meet regularly with a few like-minded friends, and study philosophy over endless cups of tea. Next year, the Ox will hire you to fill a major position of influence. Your intelligence and inventiveness will be valued and appreciated.

HORSE: Ok, now we have a problem. Rat signifies the seed stage of a cycle, while you signify the peak of the cycle, just before things head into decline. You can see the conflict, right? Rat’s caution, endless perseverating, and insistence on gathering all the data before moving ahead with a plan, is infuriating to you. With your awesome physical presence and brave heart, it’s just not in your nature to hold back. Your usual approach, which is to charge courageously out of the gate and run until you have a heart attack, will not work this year. Best thing to do is find some friends to frolic with, munch on the best quality alfalfa hay, graze in the sun, and get fat. Enjoy your time off.

SHEEP: Since you are probably exhausted from the endless demands placed on you during last year’s Pig party, you can enjoy a rest period this year by allowing the Rat to take over the details. You and Rat share an appreciation for thoroughness, and you sometimes mistake this common interest for compatibility. But you have different agendas. You are primarily concerned with harmony and teamwork. Rat is devoted to success. If you’re going to stay in the game this year, retire to a backseat position and implement strategies to calm your anxiety.

MONKEY: You are the third leg of the Rat/Dragon team. Rat provides data and astute planning. Dragon provides leadership. You, Monkey, are in charge of the magic. Together, the three of you are unstoppable. Your irrepressibility, resourcefulness, wit, and uncanny imagination can be put to good use this year. And, it will all be enormous fun for you. The excitement of nipping in and out of dangerous situations is actually restorative to you. And with Rat and Dragon in tow, you just can’t lose.

ROOSTER: Your superpower is the ability to delay gratification in pursuit of your long-term goals. This is likely to be a frustrating year for you, as the Rat, who is your intellectual equal, moves into a position of power. Your natural tendency to be critical (never mind that you are usually right), is not well received. Your best tactic is to bide your time this year, knowing that in the Ox year you can say “see, I told you so.”

DOG: When Dogs are depleted, as you most certainly are this year, they become anxious, worried, and controlling. Of course, your motive is always to care for and protect your tribe. Loyalty and hard work are your superpowers. But during a Rat year, these qualities are misread as annoying interference. This would be a good time to back off and go curl up in your cozy bed by the fireplace. Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

PIG: Pigs, the ultimate Taoists, accomplish everything by doing nothing. Having hosted the end-game festivities, you can now retire and write poetry about the good old days, while the rest of us create a new society. In four years, you will be called on again to assist the Rabbit in some small but elegant celebration marking the eternal cycle of life. Meanwhile, retirement is looking good.

Narrye Caldwell is a practitioner of Chinese martial and medical arts, shamanic healing, pole star astrology, and classical feng shui. She is on the faculty at Five Branches University, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and the Academy of Martial & Internal Arts. Narrye is available for private consultations in Pole Star Astrology and can be contacted through her website at: https://www.narryecaldwell.com/

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Shamanism for the curious, but hesitant

horses2My client’s eyes were wide with amazement. Flushed and glowing, she described the herd of wild horses that had thundered through the room during her shamanic journey–how she could hear their pounding hooves, smell their dusky coats, and feel the floor vibrate. She was filled with awe. There was not an ounce of her being that didn’t sense the reality of those horses. And she left my office that day feeling the same wild power in her own soul. The horses had come to heal her.

This kind of experience is common in core shamanism, and as I reach out to people to share the beauty and power of the shamanic path, I continue to search for just the right way to articulate its significance, especially to those who think of it as “new age, weird, fringe, only for psychics, tree huggers, and pagans, or just not my religion.” The latter misunderstanding is especially sad to me because core shamanism, as I’ll explain, is not a religion at all but a spiritual methodology; as such, it is entirely compatible with any religion. But we’ll get to that.

So since this article is for those of you who are curious but perhaps a little skeptical, I’ll share with you how I stumbled onto the shamanic path, almost by accident. I was born into a Quaker family in Philadelphia (yep, “city of brotherly love.”) If you don’t know anything about Quakers except that maybe they wear funny hats, I’ll tell you the one thing that matters: they believe in direct revelation. That’s it. Quakers, for more than 300 years, have had a practice of sitting in expectant silence, waiting for direct information from what we have always called “the inner light.” No ministers, no holy books, no doctrine. It is assumed that none of these interpretative crutches is necessary because every human has, if they give it a chance, a direct line to spirit. The name Quaker comes from the experience of being filled with this spirit so strongly that the person trembles–thus a “Quaker.”

The only problem for me, after a lifetime of going to Quaker meeting, was that it could take a very long time of sitting in silence waiting on the light, as we termed it, for anything to happen. Too often, especially these days, people just fall asleep, stare out the window, or ruminate. Enter shamanism.

I didn’t discover shamanism until around the age of 50. I was going through one of those periods we all have at certain times in life–a loss of focus in the work I was doing, along with a vague restlessness and feeling that I was not quite living my life purpose. I enrolled in a graduate program in Spiritual Psychology, searching for a truer course in life. Our first class met at a week long retreat in New Mexico. I really didn’t pay much attention to the curriculum for the week; I was just open to whatever they had planned for us. It turned out the week was devoted to the shamanic journey as a spiritual method. I had no idea what a shamanic journey was, but I followed the teacher’s instructions and successfully completed my first journey to the lower world. I met, to my astonishment and delight, a stunningly beautiful and vivid power animal that left my heart thrumming with love and joy. When the journey ended I sat bolt upright and exclaimed “this is what I’ve been searching for my entire life!” It is now 15 years later, and I am blessed to be doing my heart’s work in the world–teaching core shamanism and helping clients in my private practice in shamanic healing. 

As I’ve gone about this work over the years, I’ve noticed that there are many misunderstandings about shamanism in our culture; I’ve picked a few of the most common ones to talk about in the hope that you will be encouraged to explore further, to learn more:

1.” It’s all in your head.” When I teach journeying (the fundamental shamanic practice of shifting consciousness to travel in non-ordinary reality,) the most common question that comes up is “am I just imagining all this?” Notice the word “just” as if to suggest that imagination is a booby prize, a mere clunker compared to the Cadillac of human consciousness we call intellect or rationality. This assumption about imagination always makes me wonder how we came to denigrate this most precious human faculty. Why is imagination by definition considered to be “not real?” The client above whose experience of wild horses was transformative for her, really didn’t care if anybody else in the room could confirm the presence of those horses. Now, some among you might question her sanity. Well, isn’t that a symptom of schizophrenia, you might ask. And this leads us to another core principle of shamanic practice: a shaman is a master of both ordinary reality AND non-ordinary reality. The shamanic practitioner must be disciplined in the practice of moving back and forth through that portal. You can be in the spirit realms working with wild horses, eagles, bears, and wolves, and then be able to clearly return to ordinary reality when you choose to and balance your check book or do the dishes with no confusion. This is shamanic work, not mental illness. So when beginning journeyers ask “am I just making all this up?” I invite them to keep at it, to keep journeying and come to their own conclusions about this question based on their personal experience, not on cultural assumptions such as “imagination isn’t real.”

2.” People who get into shamanism are flakey weirdos. Regular people couldn’t possibly have anything in common with these types.” This is one of my favorites. My teacher Dr. Michael Harner, the founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, once said to us “best to keep your day job.” Shamans in traditional societies were always regular members of their community with regular jobs like everyone else–be it hunter, herder, weaver, doctor, plant gatherer, etc. They practiced their shamanic work in their off time, usually at night. To be a shaman, you also had to be grounded, responsible, and capable of being a contributing member of your community. The modern version of this is the person who might run a business or a household, or otherwise carry on with the necessary routines of making a living and raising a family say, and also, when needed, enter the spirit world through journeying to do healing work or divination. The capacity to work directly with compassionate helping spirits in non-ordinary reality has always been a part of human life in all cultures, and has only relatively recently been relegated to fringe status. So to me, this shamanic way of living and working is a normal part of the human experience; in fact, people who are properly trained and exercise discipline in the practice, are pretty regular folks.

3. “Well, I’m a Christian, Buddhist, or (fill in the blank,) and since shamanism is a whole different religious practice it has nothing to offer me.” This one is simple.  Shamanism is NOT a religion. It is a method. It is a technique for communicating directly with spirits. In my 15 plus years of shamanic training I have been in circles with people of many different religions–Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Taoists, Muslims, and more. In every case, no matter the person’s religion, there was agreement that the techniques of accessing the spirit realms, as taught in core shamanism, were found to be complementary, not contradictory or confusing; in fact, people were consistently able to deepen into whatever religious or spiritual practice they came in with, using shamanic journeying to get direct teachings from compassionate helping spirits.

So I hope I have at least inspired your curiosity about shamanism, and perhaps even opened the door for you to seek out more knowledge and experience by taking an introductory workshop.  If you feel the slightest nudge to learn more, check the FSS workshops listing for the introductory weekend called “Way of the Shaman: Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing”.  This is the starting place for all further study. Here’s the link: https://shamanism.org/workshops/calendar.php?Wkshp_ID=10.

As Rumi said: “Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. Don’t go back to sleep.”

ncgarden-002Narrye Caldwell is a shamanic practitioner and martial artist with a private practice in Santa Cruz, Ca. She is Guest Faculty with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and teaches Tai Chi at the Academy of Martial and Internal Arts in Santa Cruz.




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Year of the Earth Pig–Feb. 5, 2019-Jan. 24, 2020

Chinese paper cutting-Pig

Made by Fanghong

The year of the Earth Pig arrives on February 5, 2019. If you’re feeling a bit, well, dog-eared, after last year, I’m happy to tell you that the Pig Year will usher in a return to civility. Enough of this junk yard brawling and posturing with everyone’s hackles up. The Pig is all about conviviality, grace, and harmony. So let’s break this down.

First, there are always one or more elements to consider in every year. Last year (Earth Dog) was double Earth. The earth element can provide nourishment and stability. But too much, without any balancing influences, can cause stagnation and obstruction. That, combined with the Dog’s uncompromising defensive attitude (read stubbornness) can create an environment of intractable hostility and anxiety. Witness the January stand off between Congress and the White House, the culmination of a year of this sort of thing.

With the upcoming Earth Pig Year, we have an Earth/Water combination. Water brings in the possibility of flow, movement, ease. In Chinese culture, water is a symbol of prosperity. It also signals the end of a cycle, a time when things dissolve and return to a state of incubation so that a new cycle can begin. Water can flow gently, or it can sweep you off your feet like a tidal wave. Much depends on other elemental influences. In this case, we have Earth combining with Water. Think of this like the banks of a river, or the land forms around a sparkling lake. Earth contains the water, gently guiding it along, so we benefit from flow and circulation, but are protected from torrential rain and floods.

Now, about that Pig. Pigs, like the water element, are at the end of a cycle. In this case, the 12 branch zodiac cycle. So the Pig is related to that auspicious moment when an old cycle is going to ground while a new cycle is being seeded. Now, don’t expect the sudden appearance of a progressive and enlightened new age. This process takes time, and careful management of the qi. I’m going to take a risk here and predict that the dissolution of this current cycle of corruption and divisiveness will unfold over a period of 2-3 years. Yes, we’ll see some welcome endings in 2019. But then in 2020 we’ll need to show patience and attention to detail so the Rat can continue to incubate the seeds of change with careful data collection and analysis. Then we’ve got the Ox year in 2021 to put noses to the grindstone and do the required work to stabilize new foundations, before a courageous leap into a progressive new era can be launched with the Tiger qi in 2022. All I can say is, we better do things with scrupulous integrity over the next couple of years. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s the good news for 2019. The Pig is associated with intelligence, wisdom, completion, fellowship, home, harmony, optimism, peace, sensitivity, and pleasure. Pigs are connoisseurs of fine dining and entertainment. Spending some time in the company of the Pig tends to remind us all of the refined intelligence and enlightened behavior humans are capable of. Once we’ve enjoyed the Pig’s hospitality, we are likely to look back with embarrassed disbelief at the savagery, rudeness, and generally uncivilized behavior that has characterized the past year. We will all ruefully commit ourselves to a more civilized approach and, at the very least, a greater portion of hospitality towards all.

Since all of us will experience the year according to our own natures, it’s important to reflect on how each of the animals might show up, as if coming to the Pig’s home for a party. Tolerant, affable Pig always invites everyone; no one is excluded. So in keeping with this attitude of kindness and generosity, we should each arrive with a hostess gift in hand. See below for some tips on what each of the animals could, in the best case scenario, bring to the party.

Rat: This is your year for research, analysis, preparation. Gather your data now, because in 2020 (Rat Year), you will be called upon to present all the facts. Leave nothing unexamined, no path unexplored. Follow every thread. In 2020, your vast trove of information will save the day and make you a hero. Your special gift—research

Ox: You could use some time to recuperate from the Dog Year, during which you had to solve one problem after another. But you have much to contribute this year. Your steady, methodical approach will keep us on course, and turn the pleasures of human connection and compassion into real social progress. Your gift—remind us to keep a disciplined work ethic and a firm grip on our goals. Be the emblem of good order so we can rise to a higher level of social discourse.

Tiger: Yes, I know you’re a frazzled wreck from having been on the field, going full tilt, during the entirety of the Dog Year. And though you would prefer to pad noiselessly into your cave and sleep for months, you can’t in good conscience just disappear now. The Pig Year is actually a lucky time for you. You just need to moderate your activity to take full advantage of the rewards of your past efforts. This is a time to celebrate your accomplishments, raise a glass, bask in the sun, ease up and glow a little. Allow your muscles to relax, and please, cease that restless pacing. Your gift—you embody awesome deportment; show up and be yourself. Work less, play more. Lie around on the river bank. You will bring good luck to everyone at the party.

Rabbit: Finally, you can exhale. Being run ragged by the Dog has left you quivering with anxiety, and the Rooster Year that preceded that (2017) was even worse. But you made it, and now everything goes your way. The Pig is your great friend and can be relied upon to treat you with congenial good manners, and respect for your sensitivity. You will be put in charge of the seating arrangement at the Pig’s gathering, an obvious perfect job for someone with your sense of diplomacy. Your gift—bring little origami cranes for each person at the party. You are an emblem of peace and contentment. With the friendly qi of the Pig Year acting like wind in your sails, you can come out of your burrow and spread peace and contentment everywhere you go.

Dragon: You are all about power, prosperity, passion, wisdom, and ambition. Your magic fell flat in the quarrelsome Dog Year, but now you can take flight again. In the Pig Year, everyone is delighted by your mythic visions. Your gift—enchant us with tales of the miraculous. Inspire us with bold visions of a beautiful future. We’ll mostly be eating, playing board games, and studying philosophy this year, but when it’s time (perhaps when you team up with Rat and Monkey in 2020), we’ll be ready to follow you into that brilliant and promising future.

Snake: You’re not a party goer, but try to understand the community need for conviviality and orderly social discourse this year. Sometimes people need a break from your relentless pursuit of profundity. One just cannot read Nietzsche all day every day. You are in opposition to Pig in the zodiac, and tend to see Pig’s tolerance as gullibility. Then you can’t help but get in there and disclose the dark underbelly of everyone and everything, just to see Pig go all gloomy. But Pig is inclusive and invites everyone, including you, to the party. Your gift—restraint. Smile appreciatively and use the time to deepen your own spiritual practice.

Horse: You share a sense of fun and sport with Pig. But like Tiger, you’ve been on the field all year and could use a rest. The Rat Year (2020), will be utterly confounding for you, so now would be a good time to return to the stable, munch on a well deserved bucket of oats, and enjoy a good rubdown. (Note: this means get regular body work or acupuncture to restore your physical prowess. Horses sometimes think of themselves as indestructible—a serious mistake). Your gift—though you’re taking a year off, you can still show up to the party and bring your sense of adventure. Remind everyone to take a walk after dinner. Inspire them to take moderate exercise on a daily basis lest the good food and wine make them fat and sluggish.

Sheep: If anyone deserves a better year, it’s certainly you. You’ve suffered through an entire year of being nagged, herded, and criticized. Your sensitivity, normally channeled into an uncanny knack for knowing what everyone around you needs, has devolved into frantic anxiety bordering on depression. But the Pig Year is one of your best years. You will be asked to organize and manage the party. Everyone listens to your expert advice. Your fine sense of management is called upon and succeeds brilliantly. That Dog that was snapping at your heals all year, goes loping off after a frisbee, completely forgetting about you. Your gift—polite but effective management, and an uncanny skill at arranging things so everyone gets to play and no one gets hurt. Bravo!

Monkey: So maybe you’re a little bored and restless now. This is a normal state for Monkey, whenever you have to go along with conventional ways of solving problems. In the Dog Year, everyone just dug in and worked harder. And when things didn’t go their way, they snarled, barked, and lunged. You found that witless and unimaginative. In the upcoming Pig Year, you will find a more receptive audience for your magical genius. At this point, all you can do is set the stage, engage them, perhaps give a preview of the magic to come. If you can keep the lid on for a little longer, playing your cards close to the chest this year, you will emerge onto the stage along with Rat and Dragon in 2020, in a dazzling display of pure genius. Your gift—resilience, brilliant imagination, and an uncanny ability to turn what looks like certain disaster, into victory. (Hint: Robert Mueller is a Monkey.)

Rooster: There’s not much that can distract you from your strict focus on long term goals. Not even the upcoming Pig Year party. However, remember this year’s theme—a return to civility. You have, in the past, been accused of, ahem….a lack of sensitivity in your dealings with others. Well, ok, some people call it rudeness. Now, we know that you are actually a compassionate soul with deep feelings. This so-called rudeness is, in actuality, a clarity of focus that is not even graspable by most people. You can employ this skill in the Pig Year in an immensely helpful way. Your gift—keep us focused on long range planning. You can team up with your friend Ox in this endeavor. Remind people that the whole purpose of the party is to remember a time when people were kind to one another and respected differences. Our goal is not just to have some fun now, but to re-imagine, and bring into being, a just and enlightened society.

Dog: Actually 2018 wasn’t the best of years for you. Being the sole guardian and protector of everyone and everything has left you exhausted. You won’t need to be on guard duty again until 2022, the Year of the Tiger. So, curl up in front of the fire and get some much needed rest. Good boy. Oh right….you still have to show up to the party. Your gift—teach everyone how to nap.

Pig: Well, it’s about time. Finally people are coming to their senses and realizing that nothing important happens in life until everyone has been properly fed. Social graces count. Friendship is necessary to health and happiness. As the 12th sign of the zodiac, and therefor the most sophisticated and wise, it is on you to teach everyone the fine art of being human again. Perhaps you could send us all the reading list in advance, so we’ll be up to speed. The usual topics—philosophy, history, theology, mathematics, music appreciation—you know, the basic stuff that every human being should be able to discuss knowledgeably. Your gift—be the icon of civil discourse, friendship, tolerance, and good taste.

Narrye Caldwell, L.Ac. is a pole star astrologer, feng shui consultant, shamanic practitioner and martial artist. She teaches at Five Branches University, The Academy of Martial Arts, and through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Her new book, The Spirit of the Stars, Navigating your Fate with Pole Star Astrology, is available this spring through Plum Publications (www.plumpub.com) and at Amazon. For information about classes, workshops, and consultations go to www.narryecaldwell.com.

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Year of the Earth Dog—February 16-2018—February 5, 2019

The inevitability of change is a fundamental principle in Chinese astrology. And the ability to skillfully adjust to continually shifting cycles, is considered to be a longevity art. Wisdom tells us, that no matter what difficulties you are facing, no matter how hopeless or frightening the situation seems, if you wait it out, a turning point will come. The important thing is to maintain your composure, and recognize the moment when appropriate action will be effective. That turning point is now. Welcome to the Year of the Earth Dog.

Characteristics of Earth element

Let me begin with the element (Earth) that rules this year. Earth has the qualities of stability, nourishment, consistency, balance and harmony. Earth is related to the digestive system in Chinese medicine, and its function of selecting, through our appetite, the correct foods for our condition. When working well, our earth element effortlessly transforms food and thought, (everything we take in), into substance and vitality. When depleted we can get stuck, exhausted, lose our way, become obsessive worriers.

The coming lunar year, which begins on February 16, is a double Earth year. Not only do we have Earth appearing in the natural cycle of heavenly chi (which progresses through Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water for two years each), but also, the Dog’s innate element is Earth. This preponderance of Earth may bring the turmoil and conflict of the last two years (which were a dangerous combination of Fire and Metal) to a halt. Not an end—just a halt. Imagine a rampaging band of uncouth brigands heading straight towards your village, intent on pillaging and looting, when suddenly they stumble into a vast mist covered bog. Mired in mud, they are bewildered and rendered helpless— still there, but unable to press ahead with their destructive attack. Meanwhile, the terrified villagers have an opportunity to regroup, sort out their defenses, and mount an effective resistance. This seemingly last minute save, is simply the natural energetics of Earth element arriving to regulate the intensity and violence of the Fire/Metal energy which has held sway for the last two years.

To make best use of this incoming Earth energy, it will be crucial to pay attention to your diet. By this I mean not just the food you eat, but everything you take in; this includes thoughts, ideas, information, and attitudes. Attention to what you feed yourself this year will have profound effects on the health of your own Earth element, (your ability to sort fact from fiction) and may determine whether you can rise courageously above the turmoil that threatens the village, or end up in the bog with the marauders.

Characteristics of the astrological Dog

The Dog is all about loyalty and guardianship. Honest, trustworthy, and fair, Dog is a vigilant protector of friends, family, and all he holds dear. Some call Dog a cynic and an anxious worrier. But who among us doesn’t know this territory? When you care about something deeply, and are charged with protecting it with your life, you’d be anxious too.

Chinese nobles and Taoist monks developed several well known dog breeds—notably the Mastiff (the oldest breed in the world), the Pekinese, the Shar Pei, and the Chow Chow. It is this last which best symbolizes the astrological Dog. Chows have been domesticated for at least 5000 years, as both house guardian and battlefield companion. Monks depended on the Chow to chase evil spirits from the monastery. On the battlefield, it was notorious for its ability to cripple enemy horses while maintaining a steadfast watch over its human, whose corpse it would protect even with its own life.

This image tells us all we need to know about the possibilities available to us in the coming year. When well supported, the best qualities of Dog come forward— corruption is rooted out, tyranny and oppression overturned, and justice prevails. However, when dogs are stressed, isolated, and left without compassionate leadership, (consider the poor junkyard dog chained alone outside), they can turn into dangerous unpredictable lunatics. This we want to avoid by putting aside our differences, seeing the best in each other, teaming up for the higher good, and generally behaving like a well organized pack.

The restoration of justice is the opportunty of the Dog year. To see how you might best support this worthy agenda, read the comments about your astrological animal below. (Remember, the Chinese zodiac is based on the lunar year. The lunar year always begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice, so if you were born in January or early February, you might belong to the animal of the preceding year. Best to look it up.)

RAT: You are the master of information gathering and research. Your job this year is to make sure everyone is in full possession of the facts. Your relationship with Dog is a neutral one. You respect Dog’s loyalty, a quality you both share, and are somewhat in awe of Dog’s defensive prowess. The problem is Dog tends to ignore you, which you can’t understand because you have all this important information that the Dog obviously needs to be effective. The solution—make it your job to be an advocate for the fair, honest, and complete reporting of facts. Promote the highest standard of truth telling. Make it your mission to politely point out any laziness or inaccuracy in people’s thinking. Your motto this year is from Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements: “Be impeccable with your words.” And, I would add, hold a mirror up for others in this regard too.

OX: Your super power is endurance. You actually managed well in your personal life last year, buoyed by the sharpness, clarity, and ambition of the Fire Rooster. But your natural element is Earth, so the coming Earth Dog year will be an excellent opportunity to harness yourself to the wagon, and help the whole team clean up. There is much wreckage to repair. Though your tendency is to work alone, undisturbed by surrounding chaos, allow yourself now to join with others in pursuit of a more just world. A natural pairing would be to lend your considerable strength to the Rat, who is in charge of information gathering. Freedom of the press might be a cause you could both get behind.

TIGER: If you managed to stay on course last year and not get distracted, you should now have completed your recovery from the Monkey year (2016). Now, it’s your time to show up. All the place mats in Chinese restaurants say that Tiger is a courageous, charismatic leader. You often wonder at this, knowing how much you prefer to stay in your cave, well out of the fray, getting fat and calmly biding your time. But when conditions are right, you flex your muscles, yawn and stretch, and come loping, gloriously, into the world. This is one of those years. Your special power is integrity. When you come out of your cave, you notice that the world has gone dangerously off the rails in your absence, and there is not a jot of integrity to be found anywhere. The Dog is your natural partner in the noble endeavor of restoring justice, equality, and fairness in the realm. You’ve got one year and the wind is at your back. Go.

RABBIT: You get a pass this year on activism. Your sensitive nature set you up to be clobbered by last year’s Rooster (those talons just about tore you apart), so you have one job now: rest, restore, refresh. You can come out of hiding when you feel ready, because Dog is actually very compatible with you. You will find this year’s energy congenial and trustworthy. You can start to reach out, reconnect with friends, and plan for the Pig year coming up in 2019. Your part in helping the Dog to restore justice, is simply to help people reconnect with their own sensitivity and spirituality. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a small thing. It is central to re-establishing a just and fair society.

DRAGON: You are the icon of charismatic leadership. We depend on you to embody the archetype of awe, magic, and royal deportment. The problem for you this year is it’s hard to give up your self image in order to join the Dog’s team. You want to enchant everyone with alchemy. The Dog wants us all to be practical, and join the fight for justice. You view the Dog as a conventional realist, lacking imagination. The Dog sees you as a fickle grandstander who can’t be trusted on the battlefield. Best way for you to work with this (remember, Dog has the upper hand now), is to devote yourself to the high road. Be the celestial dragon that inspires people. Help them remember what it feels like to believe in magic and transformation. Martin Luther King was a Dragon. Like King, in your words and actions, remind people of the dream. Help us keep our eyes on the prize.

SNAKE: In a year of political activism, it’s easy to forget the importance of self reflection, spirituality, and the cultivation of wisdom. For you, wisdom is an inside job, acquired through assiduous self examination, and not easily challenged by trendy popular dogma. Your job this year, is to keep a quiet space for these activities, and set an example for others who may be in danger of losing contact with their inner compass and innate wisdom. For without this connection to our inner light, how will we maintain clarity as we seek to restore a just society? In the words of 19th century Quaker Caroline Fox, “Live up to the light thous hast, and more will be given…”

HORSE: This promises to be a most successful year for you. Horse is part of the compatible trio comprised of Horse/Dog/Tiger. Some call it the martial trio, a reference to the shared characteristics of nobility, valor, and integrity these three exemplify. And, like Dog and Tiger, you have great physical prowess. Most importantly, now that Dog is in charge for a year, you can relax your wariness about potential predators, and move confidently into your role as noble war horse. Of course, what I mean by that is not literally going to war (though that was often your role in changing the course of world history). Rather, you are invited to be such a visible sign of dignity and courage for others, that you inspire forward momentum, even in the face of daunting challenges and possible defeat. Horsemen have a saying: “Throw your heart over the fence, and your horse will follow.” In that same way, you can be the inspiration for heart based action for all of us.

SHEEP: I don’t know how else to say this, but you and Dog can really set each other’s teeth on edge. You are both anxious worriers, but you tend to mistake this shared tendency, for compatibility. However, your M.O in a crisis is to manage the team, so everyone has a role and gets along. The Dog just attacks. You find this primitive and unskillful. Dog finds your approach a waste of time. The two of you lack respect for one another. What to do? Since Dog is in charge this year, your best strategy is to lie low and apply your considerable management skills to your personal life. Reorganize your approach to a problem, reassess your goals, heck, even reorganize your closet. Just don’t attempt to organize other people this year. It will undoubtedly backfire, and you may find yourself getting nipped by an irritable Dog. And there’s always arts and crafts, the most reliable refuge for a stressed Sheep. Next year, the Year of the Pig, you will be back in action. The Dog will need a rest, and everyone will be grateful for your skillful approach to moving the team forward.

MONKEY: You have been called “the wizard of the impossible”. There is no one who can match you in resourcefulness, versatility, and irrepressibility. Your genius for turning disaster into wisdom and success is legendary. And, unlike the rest of us, you actually thrive in the current level of societal chaos. To you, it’s just the right amount of stimulation to keep you on your game. Can you see how much we need you right now? The challenge you face this year, is to put the needs of society above your personal agenda. That will take some discipline on your part. So here is the invitation: find a way to apply your genius to coming up with brilliant unconventional solutions to society’s problems. Set aside your personal ambition and join the movement.

ROOSTER: Though your clarity and precision were much appreciated last year, your work is done now and your power is in decline. You have some conflict with Dog, perhaps feeling that his efforts lack precision. Though you may want to step back in with advice and criticism, since it’s so easy for you to see the truth of things, I urge you to resist that temptation. Dog has the upper hand this year, and has powerful friends. Your attempts will be seen as tactless and fussy, rather than the obvious efficient strategic advice that seems so clear to you. What will help in the coming year, is for you to remind us how to delay gratification and invest in long term goals. Roosters have an exceptional talent for this. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, is how you live your life. We are all a little desperate and that message is an important bit of wisdom for these times. It would be a mistake to replace one TV personality with another, and your clear perception of the long term issues will help keep us focused on proceeding judiciously rather than impulsively.

DOG: Some people say that when your year comes around in the 12 year cycle, it often brings bad luck. There are even magical Taoist rituals of protection to be done for 3 days before and after the new year, for those born in that year. The reason for all this, is that during your year it’s like sitting in the front row of the class. The god of astrology will be calling on you constantly, so it’s very easy to get in trouble if you’re not prepared. What I suggest for everyone when their year comes up, is to heed the good old Boy Scout motto, “be prepared”. Take the last month before the lunar new year (January 17-Feb. 15), to rest and get your house in order. Take care of your health, especially your diet. Get good sleep. Clarify your goals, and identify your allies (look for Horses, Tigers, Rabbits). Plan your year out to include regular exercise and appropriate play. Be aware that even though you have power and influence this year, Dogs are not loners and it’s very important to maintain solid connections with friends and family. From this secure position, and buttressed by select companions, go out and set things aright.

PIG: If it’s one thing we need desperately this year, it’s a return to civility. What ever happened to decency and good manners? Your job now, is to restore some standards in this crucial area of human interaction. The Pig’s super powers are savoir faire and a kind heart. We could all use some reminders of how polite society works, and you’re just the one to provide instruction. So perhaps you could begin by hosting some small gatherings—nothing too controversial, something like a book group, or tea-tastings. The point is, we need to learn how to talk to one another again, about things like philosophy, art, and music. Of course that would require people to read, and reflect on the meaning of life. Ah…..there you go. See why we need you?

Narrye Caldwell, L.Ac., is a Pole Star astrologer, feng shui practitioner, martial artist, and shamanic healer. She teaches for Five Branches University, the Academy of Martial Arts, and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Narrye does Pole Star astrology readings in person or via Skype, and can be reached through her website at: www.narryecaldwell.com.



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The Dog Year is Coming!

My annual New Year’s post will be up next week. Meanwhile, click on the 10 second video below for a taste of the possibilities. Don’t underestimate the DOG! (And thanks to my Dog friend Diana Moll for sending me this video).






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Year of the Fire Rooster–January 28, 2017

All Chinese wisdom traditions, including medicine, divination, astrology, and feng shui, are systems of pattern identification that guide us in adapting gracefully to change. A world in flux is assumed; it is the one constant feature of life. Astrology is best viewed as a tool to discern where we are in the shifting cycles of time so we can adjust our expectations accordingly and therefore, from the Chinese point of view, cultivate longevity by not wasting our qi trying to swim against the current.

Last year’s current schooled us all in crisis management as the Fire Monkey’s erratic impulsiveness and dramatic flare produced an unprecedented bit of theater in American politics. (Yes, Monkeys love to play spin doctor in the political arena.) But as writer Isak Dinesen once said, “Anything in life can be born, as long as it can be seen as part of a story.” Fortunately, a new chapter of the story is about to begin with the arrival of the Fire Rooster on January 28, 2017. This chapter might be titled: “Application: how to walk your talk and follow through.”

In the Chinese zodiac the Rooster is the tenth of the 12 animals. It is associated with the Metal element which correlates to the time in autumn when qi condenses and the life force turns inward, right before sinking into the stillness of winter. So Metal expresses the essence of a thing with perfect clarity. Think of a tree in autumn, stripped of its foliage, its true shape so cleanly visible. People born in the year of the Rooster tend to be focused, task oriented, ambitious, confident, and very clear. This latter quality is what gives Rooster people their reputation for being abrupt and tactless. But it’s a mistake to consider them rude. Rather, Roosters just see things clearly and are decisive in their assessments. They are what we might call “plain speaking.” They also can be incorrigible critics, lacking the patience required to wait for others to come around to the clarity which comes so readily to them.

When you couple these qualities with the Fire element, you have an interesting potential for drama. Fire is erratic, intense, passionate, expressive, and dynamic. Fire embodies the warrior archetype. Fire Roosters tend to be brave, powerful, unyielding, opinionated, and determined. And in the Chinese Five Element cycle, Fire controls Metal. So the image here is of a sword tempered in a forge—sharp, strong, and dangerous in the wrong hands.

That brings us to the possibilities for 2017. This year’s theme is “application.” The Rooster has one special super power—the ability to delay gratification and focus on the long term goal. Roosters can actually separate the reward from the work required to get it, and they can do this over long periods of time….like years. So whatever feelings you may have about the upheaval created in the Monkey year, the qi will now support you to focus and apply yourself to the task at hand with discipline and diligence. Set aside your emotions and focus on long term goals. Stay focused. That’s right, see beyond the current situation and keep your eye on whatever it is that you value in the long run; just keep chipping away without wavering. Apply yourself. That’s what this year is all about.

How each of you will be able to digest this type of qi depends on your animal sign with its particular characteristics and nature. Below is a brief comment on how each of the 12 animals can best use this year’s qi.

RAT: You have a talent for research. In your world, every detail counts. During the Monkey year you were valued and rewarded for your obsession with ferreting out every angle, then selecting the precise pathway to the cheese. But Rooster arrives at clarity without your help, and your careful research may even be dismissed as perseveration. Pay no mind and don’t lower your standards. Devote yourself to personal creative projects. Conserve your energy. You’re not in a position of power this year, so apply yourself to private endeavors that are totally within your purview. This will fulfill you, keep your considerable skills honed, and ready you for the Pig year (2019) when you are likely to be tapped for an important advisory position.

OX: Though you may have been annoyed by the irreverent escapades that marked the Monkey year (which you viewed as undisciplined folly,) you have a thick skin and a penchant for the long view. Now this perspective is given the respect it deserves and you will be able to partner with Rooster to accomplish your long term agenda. Finally, someone who understands! The energy of this year is perfectly suited to support hard work in the service of long term goals. Roosters excel at this. You are in perfect accord here. The only difference between you and Rooster is that you actually like to apply yourself every day (putting one foot in front of the other to plow a nice straight furrow,) while Roosters, though valuing achievement, can get irritable about the daily work required to accomplish it. So have at it. The qi is running smoothly at your back. Just keep going.

TIGER: Well, the best I can say is, bravo for you if you are still standing after the Fire Monkey year. You must have been doing something right. Now, I’d love to tell you to take a year off and lie around on the riverbank. But unfortunately the Rooster requires you to shake off your near hysteria and focus now. The trick here is to get back in the game but with one clear agenda. Doesn’t really matter what it is, just make it one (OK, maybe two) things that you can skillfully apply yourself to. The qi this year supports deft application in a clearly articulated area. It’s sort of like being the kicker on a football team. You know, the guy who only knows how to kick, but does it perfectly every time. For most of the game he just sits on the bench, but when needed, he walks out on the field and, with perfect clarity and grace, sends that ball right over the goalposts to win the game. That’s you.

RABBIT: Two words: run away. You, being the psychics of the zodiac, are WAY too sensitive for this Fire Rooster. The Rooster is your opposite sign. What other people see as candor, will feel like attack to you. There will be conflict all around this year, partly because of the Fire/Metal tension inherent in the year, and partly because of this Rooster’s “take no prisoners” approach to holding power and moving its agenda forward. Though you are a warrior in your own right (a trait that can come out in a staggering display of fierceness when cornered,) you dislike conflict and are better off retreating to the sensual luxury of your cozy home. In other words, stay out of it. Conserve your qi until the Pig year, when you will be in charge of seating arrangements at the party.

DRAGON: OK yes, you are special. After a stellar Monkey year playing politics, with Monkey as your spin doctor, you now get to continue your alchemy during the Rooster year. Rooster appreciates your power and flare for leadership and daring. You appreciate Rooster’s laser focus and ability to apply itself to the task at hand. Together you can actually create magic. But skillful means are required. Now is not the time for hubris and rash impulse. I suggest you read the first hexagram of the I Ching. This hexagram should be your talisman for the year. It perfectly describes the transformations of the celestial dragon from quiescence to exuberance. Heed the wisdom here. Dragons can either be blustering egotists, or agents of celestial wisdom. This year you get to choose which path to embrace.

SNAKE: You and Ox are the Rooster’s natural partners. I call this trio the “achievement” team. Rooster supplies the ambition, Ox the endurance, and Snake the knowledge and philosophical frame. Together these three can deliver results. This year you will feel valued. People will consult you on important matters and heed your sage advice. You are in a unique position of power and able to operate from behind the scenes (your preferred introverted strategy,) rather than suffering the exposure of center stage. Hint—Bernie Sanders is a Metal Snake. Had the election been held in the Rooster year instead of the Monkey year, we may have been looking at a very different scenario. Just saying.

HORSE: You share some traits with Rooster so you may get caught up in the current of achievement this year. Horses are ambitious, courageous, active, love to work, and have the noble heart of a warrior. So this should, in theory, be an ideal year for you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. But here’s the caveat: Horses are easily distracted. And remember, this year is all about focus and application. The minute you shy away from the plan and skitter off in another direction, you will get nailed by that critical Rooster qi; you risk being dismissed as unreliable and unpredictable. The best strategy for success this year is to collaborate with a steady friend, which you can think of as an experienced rider with calm hands. Let’s see…..not Dog (who is in conflict with Rooster,) not Tiger (too erratic and exhausted,) and not Ox (you can’t bear the stubborn traditionalism.) So I think that leaves Sheep, the Horse’s natural stable mate!

SHEEP: Your artistic sensibilities and collaborative management style are at odds with the Rooster’s singular focus on achievement. The Rooster’s pride, self-confidence, and keen abilities just look like arrogance to you. Relationships and diplomacy are central to your world view but of little importance to the Rooster, whose only concern is “what will get us to the goal most efficiently?” So, this is a good year to keep your head down and stay out of the argument. You are way more sensitive to criticism then you let on, and this year you’re wearing a target on your back. Since the annual qi supports focused application of your skills, consider cooking, crafts, hobbies, woodworking—just please don’t attempt to apply your considerable management skills to the prideful Rooster. You can do it, but the stress and hurt feelings will shorten your life.

MONKEY: Time’s up, you’re done. The Rooster is now stepping on to the stage to clean up all the broken china from last year’s shenanigans. Now is the time you get to show up as the true magician you actually are. People who don’t know you well, may suspect that you are only interested in chaos. We know that’s not true. We know that you have a true heart and are capable of being a loyal friend. Your natural element is Metal, so you do know how to see through the confusion and discern the underlying order of things. Use that talent now, and apply it to compassionate service. This is the essence of magic.

ROOSTER: Not everyone benefits from the qi of their own year. It’s like being in the front row of the classroom. You’re always the one who gets called on—no coming to class unprepared and hiding out in the back hoping to avoid getting noticed. But Roosters are perfectly suited to this command position. It’s an opportunity to shine! So have at it. You are now the one who holds all the cards, has all the answers, and can finally move the whole class forward. No slackers allowed. No need to hold back and feel frustrated by the clueless masses. This promises to be a successful year for you in all ways. No need to tell you to stay focused; just be yourself. Eyes on the prize!

DOG: You and Rooster both have a strong work ethic, but don’t mistake this for compatibility. You have very different motivations. Dogs are willing to work hard out of a sense of loyalty and guardianship, while Rooster qi is all about achievement for its own sake. This fundamental misalignment will make you grumpy and exhausted if you try to join up with Rooster and press forward with your goals. So, since focus and application are supported this year, best use of this qi for Dogs is to clear away everything you no longer need, release old habits that don’t serve you, and simplify your life in preparation for the Earth Dog year in 2018 which promises to be a time of renewal for you. Use this upcoming Rooster year to prepare, so you aren’t burdened by excess baggage when your time comes.

PIG: Though your nerves are understandably a little frayed from coping with the mind boggling twists and turns of the Monkey year, it’s important now to maintain your calm and forgiving nature. The qi this year has a sharp edge to it; it may seem to you like the world has gone slightly insane with ambition and overwork. Your job is to rise above it all. Remember that no amount of money or status means anything without the warm glow of family and friends, elegant food, a glass of wine, and an evening of good conversation. Your job is to be a constant reminder of this for the rest of us. Focus on balance; apply yourself to hospitality. Good manners are your super power.

Narrye Caldwell is a Licensed acupuncturist with a private practice specializing in pole star astrology, classical feng shui, and shamanic healing methods. She teaches Tai Chi and Qigong at the Academy of Martial Arts in Santa Cruz, is on the faculty at Five Branches University, and teaches workshops in core shamanism for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Narrye’s Pole Star astrology readings are available via Skype or at her office in Santa Cruz. See her website at www.narryecaldwell.com for information about how to schedule a consultation.


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Who Needs Shamanism?

shamanicdrummingWhen I tell people I do shamanic healing I usually get one of two responses. There are those who know something about shamanism, often through personal experience, and are intrigued and interested; and then there are those who think I’m some kind of new age nutcase—harmless but not to be taken seriously. People in this latter, and admittedly larger, group wouldn’t in a million years consider integrating shamanic healing methods into their treatment protocol when faced with any sort of illness, be it physical, emotional, or mental. For these challenges only “real” medicine is considered.

So what exactly is “real” medicine? It’s interesting how what any culture accepts as medicine is a moving target, a constantly changing set of beliefs and techniques shaped by societal mores, political expedience, prevailing religious influences, and technological trends. I’ve been a Licensed Acupuncturist for 25 years. When I started, acupuncture was still considered outside the mainstream of acceptable medical options, and clearly “alternative” in spite of its ancient roots and successful track record. This is no longer the case. These days, acupuncture is accepted by most insurance companies and integrated into medical protocols at major hospitals across the country. So what happened? Did acupuncture suddenly get better? No, what happened is the culture shifted; people who weren’t getting the results they wanted from conventional medicine sought out alternatives and demanded access to those modalities. Acupuncture moved into the mainstream because it helped people.

I expect the same thing to happen with shamanic healing. Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual and healing methodology on the planet, dating back at least 40,000 years. The fact that, for a relatively brief period in history, humans lost their connection with these practices is entirely due to religious suppression of indigenous shamanic cultures and practices. But that is no longer the case, and shamanic practices are experiencing a resurgence all over the planet. This world wide flowering of shamanism has been largely due to the work of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (see www.shamanism.org) in supporting native shamanic practices. We now find ourselves in a world more open again to these extraordinary techniques for living in connection with spirit. This is an amazing opportunity for planetary healing.

If you’ve gotten this far, you may now be wondering if shamanic healing has something to offer you. How would you know when to seek out a shamanic healer, and for what type of complaint? Will it be weird and scary? Do you have to find a Native American shaman, or a Siberian shaman, or a Huichol shaman? How do you go about this? After all, the first thing most of us do when faced with an illness that doesn’t easily resolve on its own is drop by the local clinic or call the family doctor, right? How do you hook up with a shamanic practitioner, and why would you? This is not something you just look up in the Yellow Pages.

Let me see if I can help. The first question is, when might you seek shamanic healing? From a shamanic perspective, all illness has a spiritual component. That doesn’t mean that all illnesses are necessarily caused by spiritual factors. That would be oversimplifying. Illness is of course complex and often involves multiple inter-related factors. But to the shaman, spiritual factors must be addressed along with any physical medicine that is being used. So this means there is a range of ailments that can be appropriately addressed shamanically; everything from that old knee injury that won’t heal properly, to chronic difficult diseases, to depression and anxiety. All of these problems can be approached through the modality of shamanic healing. But that’s not all. There are types of suffering that humans experience that we have no physical medicine for at all–things like unhappiness, long spells of bad luck, losing one’s sense of purpose, loss of vitality, feeling disconnected.  These normal human experiences can cause untold suffering, but physical medicine doesn’t offer much help. And even counseling, the main modality we have to offer for mental and emotional pain, is not a panacea. This is where shamanic healing, with its emphasis on restoring vitality, empowering the soul, and reconnecting the client to their own heart and spiritual guidance system, can be the most helpful form of medicine.

So, how do you find a practitioner and what can you expect? It helps to have some guidance here, since shamanic healing is an “unregulated” alternative practice. This means that practically anyone can call themselves a shaman and hang up a shingle. First of all, I’d be wary of anyone who self-proclaims themselves to be a shaman. In indigenous cultures, the title of shaman was conferred by the community and always because someone had shown themselves to be skilled, compassionate, and actually got good results in relieving pain and suffering. In modern western culture, people who are practicing with good ethics usually call themselves “shamanic practitioners.” This means they use shamanic techniques and are mainly concerned with the client’s well-being, not with their own image as a “shaman.”

And what are these techniques? The main work of a shamanic practitioner is to connect with what are universally termed “helping spirits” to bring power and healing to the client.  These connections are made through the classic shamanic technique called “journeying.” The journey is the shaman’s method of entering non-ordinary reality to get help and healing from these unconditionally loving and evolved helping spirits. The journey is most typically supported by drumming or some other method of sonic driving. Then, with the help of the spirits, the practitioner can restore power to the client, find answers to questions, and access other forms of healing that may be required. Typically, a session with a shamanic practitioner may last for 1-2 hours, during which time you are usually lying comfortably on the floor tucked into a blanket. Well trained, ethical practitioners, are aware of making a client comfortable and being sure they feel safe and are not surprised by anything.

There are two ways to find a good shamanic practitioner. One is to ask someone who has had a good experience, for their recommendation. The other is to go to a respected organization, like the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and peruse their list of trained practitioners for someone in your area. In either case, you should expect the practitioner to have a conversation with you, either on the phone or in person, to get to know one another a bit and answer any questions you have. You should feel comfortable about the whole process. Be aware of anyone who refuses to answer your questions, or promises you miracles. And it is perfectly acceptable, and common practice, for a shamanic practitioner to charge for their services. They have to pay rent and eat too, just like you. Some do this by  receiving “contributions or gifts”, some by sliding scale, and some by a fixed fee. All of that is fine and normal. But whatever the arrangement is, it shouldn’t be completely out of line with what any other doctor or therapist charges for a similar amount of time. And they should be happy to explain in advance their method of receiving payment.

And finally, I want to return to the question I asked in the headline to this article. Who needs shamanism? The answer: all of us.

Blessings of the helping spirits to you,


ncgarden-002Narrye Caldwell practices shamanic healing and teaches workshops for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Santa Cruz, CA. Her next workshop in Core Shamanism is Nov. 5&6, 2107.  Click this link for registration and details: https://www.narryecaldwell.com/way-of-the-shaman-basic-workshop/



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A Child’s Power Animal

bearThis is one of my earliest memories. I was about 12 months old. It was bedtime in my family’s little 1950s bungalow in Reno, Nevada. As my parents were tucking me in, I realized with sudden panic that my teddy bear had gone missing. No ordinary toy, this particular bear was my companion 24/7. His button nose was smashed in like a pug’s face from endless kissing; his tawny fur was threadbare and patchy from constant stroking, and he sported a moleskin patch on his back where my mother had improvised a repair to keep his stuffing in, right at the spot where his music box had long ago fallen out. I loved him, with the constancy and passion that is special to very young children.

I unleashed an immediate shrill wailing when I noticed his absence. My parents scurried about the house, searching for the errant bear, in a desperate attempt to stop my grief stricken screams. In hindsight, I realize they must have been exhausted and frustrated and just really wanting me to be sensible and “go the f……. to sleep.” But in some deep part of my instinctive primal brain, I knew that without my bear I was vulnerable. Anything could happen. I was alone and without protection.

Then came a small moment of grace. My father, an infinitely kind and patient man who struggled with his own sensitivity and anxieties all his life, picked me up, cradled me in his arms and said, “don’t worry. We’ll find your bear. I bet you left him outside in the yard when you were playing today.” Then he carried me through the house, stopping in the kitchen to get a flashlight, and out into the yard where he commenced a thorough search, peering under every bush and  holding me tight against his chest the whole time.

We found the bear in a thicket where I had been hosting an imaginary tea party earlier that day. “Ah, here he is,” said my father. “Safe and sound.” With an enormous sigh of relief, I hugged the bear to my heart and promptly fell asleep in my father’s arms. 

In shamanism, a person’s health and well being are a function of their spiritual power. By this we don’t mean being spiritually “advanced” or enlightened. We mean having a fully empowered soul and a connection to at least one guardian spirit. The guardian spirit often takes the form of a power animal. In most traditional cultures it is assumed that anyone still living and functioning in the world is doing so only because they have had, whether they know it or not, the protection of such a guardian spirit. One of the first healing methods taught in core shamanism is how to retrieve a lost power animal for another person who may be suffering from illness or misfortune. The procedure is fairly simple but in my years of practicing this technique, and now teaching it in workshops, I am often brought to tears by the profound effects it has on people to feel the connection again to an ancient experience of being tended by the unconditional love of this spirit animal.

I kept my teddy bear with me throughout my childhood, and yes, even into my adolescence though by that time it was discreetly tucked away in a closet. And then I went off to college and left “childish” things behind. I don’t know what happened to my trusted bear companion. Most likely my mother finally scooped the threadbare old thing into a trash can. I’m a little sad that I never said a proper goodby.  But now that I have shamanic skills I can journey to the spirit of bear and thank him for those years of protection. We were partners, and I see now that he was more “totem” bear than “teddy” bear. 

Now I work with a different power animal, one just as loving and compassionate. I tend our relationship with reverence and gratitude. I need her, not only to help me stay safe and well in the world, but to work with me in my healing practice. A new alliance now, appropriate to this stage of life and my current work and responsibilities. But there is still this wonder, and the fragrance of that child’s fierce love, re-experienced in every journey, in every encounter with the helping spirits. It is a precious thing, not to be discarded or grown out of like a child’s forgotten toy; but a vital part of being human and wholehearted and plugged in to spiritual power. And now, thanks to the return of shamanic practices that have been lost for a long time and are now being restored to western cultures, everyone has the opportunity to recover these lost spirit connections.

Narrye Caldwell is on the faculty for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, teaching the full complement of online and in-person workshops.  See her workshop schedule on the Home page of this website.

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Year of the Fire Monkey—February 8, 2016

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/17/23/0e/17230e2b2a4cfda35140ef047ff609e7.jpgBack in November several friends told me they were sure they already felt the effects of the coming Monkey year. I insisted that this was impossible, that Chinese astrology doesn’t work that way, it was too soon, and there is no such thing as “creeping Monkey,” or “shades of the Monkey to come.” But the stories of strange and confounding challenges kept coming in—nothing that could be called a crisis, just frustrating annoyances that bordered on the humerous. Things like finding half way through the day that you’re in an important meeting with high level executives at work and you notice you’re wearing one red sock and one green sock. Or you picked up your roommate’s keys on your way out and find yourself scrambling around on your lunch hour trying to rectify the mistake and set things right for your very irritated friend.

So around about December, I revised my position and admitted that this departure from the expected course of things was exactly like Monkey qi. How like the Monkey to sneak into the party incognito, peer into windows, and play some unexpected tricks on the guests just to get things going and create some fun.

Welcome to the Year of the Fire Monkey, which technically begins on February 8, 2016. (The Chinese Lunar New Year always begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice, in case you were wondering why it’s on a different date every year.)

There are two significant energetic shifts that will affect everyone this year. The first is that we’re moving into a Fire year after two Wood years. Wood is growth, enthusiasm, the innocence of youth and the pursuit of a vision. Wood qi is fresh and unformed. It has the drive to break through barriers, but it lacks wisdom and refinement, so can sometimes be unstable and reckless. Fire qi is the full expression of Wood’s vision. Fire brings forth the rose, lays the paint on the canvas, and gives voice to the song that’s been forming in the depths of your heart. Fire is intense, passionate, and calls forth our need to connect with one another. In a Fire year, no longer satisfied with the pursuit of our dreams, we now can bring things into actuality. And as we see things manifest, we want to gather with our tribe, raise a glass and celebrate.

But it’s important to remember that nothing is solid yet and there’s much to be done. In fact, the danger now is getting so excited by the brilliance of the flame you’ve created, that you forget to tend it properly and it quickly burns out for lack of enduring and consistent fuel. Fire is erratic and difficult to control. It can flicker precariously, burst into a dangerous conflagration, or settle into a nice steady hearth fire depending on how it’s managed. So that’s your first task this year—whatever you’ve created during the last two years, treat it now like precious tinder; protect it and blow on it very gently to nudge it into a nice steady flame; feed it with long burning fuel that will last. Don’t throw fast burning paper onto it just for the dazzling but short lived burst of heat and flame. Slow and steady now, will get you a more enduring result.

Now, what about that second energetic shift? Enter the Monkey

The key to grasping the qi we’re all going to be surfing can be found in the Chinese classic novel of the 16th century “Journey to the West.” One of the famous characters in this legendary tale is the Monkey King who demonstrates a combination of pluck, bravery, scandalous irreverence, ingenuity, ruthlessness, and magic to assure his status as one of China’s epic folk heroes. The Monkey King was born from a stone, learns the ways of immortality, commits a series of crimes against the gods, steals the peach of immortality from the Empress’s garden, and catalyzes a terrible war between Heaven and the Monkey Army. In the end, he is sent to accompany a famous monk and his disciples to the western kingdom to fetch back a Buddhist sacred text. All sorts of magical adventures ensue over the course of four volumes.

The point here is this is the qi flavor of the coming year. Key words are: erratic, irrepressible, ingenious, clever, unpredictable, resourceful, adventurous, selfish, magical, quixotic, amoral. In other words, keep your wits about you because anything, absolutely anything, can happen. All manner of apple carts could be turned over in the most surprising ways. This will be a test of your ability to stay calm and unruffled in the face of relentless and unexpected challenges. But remember—on the other side of chaos is magic and transformation. Be brave and keep your sense of humor; never forget that there’s spiritual gold at the end of the tale.

How you handle the coming year is largely a matter of harmonizing your own nature with this Monkey qi. The Monkey King was famous for his secret powers and magical weapons, one of which was a staff that he could shrink to the size of needle and hide in his ear. My advice is to conjure your own secret powers, (yes you each have at least one,) and think of yourself as the hero of your own myth. What part do you play in this year’s adventure? What’s your strategy? How resourceful can you be? Learn to see magic everywhere.

Here are some tips for each of the animals.

Rat: You are in the Monkey’s inner circle, a favorite accomplice who knows how to play the game. Your super power is analysis and planning. The Sheep year was a bit strained because people didn’t appreciate your fine eye for detail and your need to check everything for accuracy. But this year, your careful attention to strategy will be seen as the essential wisdom behind the Monkey’s irrepressible inventiveness. Without you, none of these daring schemes could possibly work. This is your year to be the hero of the story.

Ox:  Your super power is endurance. Last year was a trial, one of the few periods in the twelve year cycle that really can get to an Ox. All that team work and the feeling of being managed was truly a test for you. Monkey year qi isn’t really your style; it’s too erratic and irresponsible. But you’ll do fine if you frame the time as preparation for 2017, the Rooster year, when you’ll really be in your element. Then we’ll be talking discipline, achievement, hard work, delayed gratification—all the stuff you love. So for now, stick to your plan, and let the ups and downs of the coming year roll off your very thick skin.

Tiger: OK Tiger, listen up. This is important. Do NOT, under any circumstances, be baited into leaving your cave this year. Yes I know you have to go to work, take care of committments, and you can’t literally retreat into a cave like Milarepa. (Well if you can, then by all means do so.) But you’re going to have to symbolically take yourself out of the game and sit on the bench. Only do what’s absolutely necessary. The problem is the Monkey doesn’t fight fair. And you can’t engage with life in any other way but with complete integrity. The Monkey’s opportunistic tactics will get you every time, and in spite of your prodigious courage and strength, you could die of nervous exhaustion. Oh, I forgot to say that your special power is integrity. So stay true to yourself by taking your own adventure this year but make sure it’s an internal one. Practice martial arts by yourself in a quiet hidden place. Store up your strength; don’t let the Monkey drain your qi. You’re waiting for the Dog year (2018), when you can display your true colors in an unprecedented display of power.

Rabbit: Your super power is sensitivity and your intuition borders on the psychic. In the Sheep year these gifts were appreciated, and you were able to enjoy the companionship of friends who share your elegant taste and peaceful approach to life. However you may have grown tired of hosting the party with Sheep, (it did take a lot of energy,) and perhaps feel ready for some quiet time with the shades drawn. That approach could prove difficult this year. The Monkey craves attention and thrills, and tends towards hyperactivity. It could be difficult to remain aloof in the face of so much chaos. So keep that famous Chinese proverb pinned to your bathroom mirror: “A swift hare has three holes.” In other words, always have several options available for retreat. When one bolt hole is blocked, simply change direction and disappear down door number 2, or 3. In this way, you’ll come out at the end of the year with enough qi to face the very challenging Rooster year in 2017.

Dragon: I know, you’ve been waiting for this, your favorite of all years. Here’s how it works: you, of course, are the leader (and of a very grand sort, like a royal emperor.) Rat is the campaign manager, and Monkey is the spin doctor. Have I got that right? You three are going to have the best time this year. Adventures await, complete with magic weapons, demons, heroic deeds, and all the stuff of legends. This is your time. Just remember—Dragons can either be egotistical and over confident, or they can truly be the wise and benificent king. The world needs you to be the latter. Oh yes—you have many super powers but perhaps the most important this year is the power of transformation.

Snake: Monkey and Snake have a long history of entanglement. They share an attraction to intrigue, and can’t resist one another’s charms. However Snake is basically introverted and likes to keep its agenda hidden; Monkey, the classic extrovert, inevitably blows Snake’s cover just for the attention. A falling out always ensues. So, your task this year is to avoid getting too sucked in, even though you see magic in every opportunity. Practice holding back. This is a year to wait for the more reliable energy of the Rooster year, a time when your quiet wisdom can be applied with precision and the expectation of a successful outcome.

Horse: Well, you and Monkey both like to play but your version of play is sports, while the Monkey revels in slight of hand, stage magic, and practical jokes. Things could get confusing. Also, you’re a hard worker when it comes to practical matters; and Monkeys only want to find a way out of doing chores so they can go dream up some new trouble to get into. What starts out looking like fun, could turn into the kind of chaos that can get you hurt. Your super power is your noble heart. When in doubt, take some time to get quiet, return to true self, and allow your heart to lead you. In this way you can avoid the worst of the Monkey’s hyperactivity and rash behavior, and save yourself considerable embarrassment or injury.

Sheep: I imagine you’re pretty tired by now. You’ve had a lot of responsibility this past Wood Sheep year, what with managing everything both at work and at home. You actually don’t like being a leader, at least not a visible one, preferring to work behind the scenes creating a harmonious team in which each person’s strengths are perfectly utilized. Well done. Now go rest. Oh, except it’s impossible to rest in a Monkey year. And it’s so difficult to hand over the reins of your well organized team. The best approach is to allow what you’ve created to have a life of its own now. Just give it a little nudge now and then to keep things moving along if they drift too much. But resist the temptation to micro manage everything. The Monkey will pull the rug out from under you for sure. Your super power? Propriety. (Everyone but you will have to look that up.)

Monkey: Every year I have to caution the people whose year it is, to be careful. When it’s your year it’s like having to sit in the front row in the classroom. You have to be prepared every day—no hiding or playing safe in the back of the room. However, if you’re a Monkey in a Monkey year, none of this applies. In fact the more the merrier. Monkeys love an excess of Monkey energy. Think of yourself scampering through the treetops with a whole gang of Monkey friends, getting into all sorts of lovely trouble and better yet, getting out of it together. Now if you really want to get stuff done, team up with Dragon and Rat. Then instead of just making trouble for everyone else, you can produce the magic elixir of immortality and save the planet. Just think of it. Your super power—oh you have so many wondrous powers—but I have to pick one, so let’s just go with that magic glow in the dark ring you carry in your pocket (or wait, what about the invisibility cape……)

Rooster: You have a fairly neutral relationship with Monkey, mainly because you never lose focus, even in the face of Monkey’s ceaseless manuevering. It’s actually not a bad thing to let yourself get a little swept up in the adventure, even though fun, for its own sake, isn’t really your thing. But your super power is your laser focus and you find the Monkey’s short attention span a ridiculous waste of energy. When you bring the matter up, even in an attempt to be helpful, you’re seen as a critic who’s attempting to undermine everyone’s fun. Don’t worry, you are a master of delayed gratification. Stick to your plan and everyone will admire you for your accomplishments and wish they’d listened to you in the Rooster year.

Dog: Your super power is loyalty. This bone deep aspect of your character drives you to work hard and can even mean you’re on the job 24/7. After all, who else will take care of the family and guard the home if not you? But even the most faithful watch dog deserves some time to play. So consider this Monkey year to be your time to romp on the beach, go to the dog park, and enjoy some well earned time off. Just be aware that the Monkey’s flexible morality and trickster ways may clash with your high ethical standards and honesty; so have all the fun you want, but watch out for anything that may compromise your personal integrity. Remember, the Monkey actually stole the peach of immortality; he didn’t earn it. You basically have two completely different sets of values.

Pig: Last year was the perfect party, with Sheep managing the guest list, Rabbit decorating the table, and you cooking the meal and picking the wine. Now, it’s time for the after dinner party and games. Monkey now arrives with a suitcase full of party gags and magic tricks; a whole evening of fun is in the works. One word of caution: the Pig’s super power is tolerance that comes from a comprehensive view of life. Your generous nature makes it easy for you to include every possible viewpoint and type of behavior. But you can also be gullible. You could easily be targeted this year by tricksters, swindlers, and con artists. Run any interesting new schemes and business ventures by a Sheep friend, who has much better radar for deception than you do.

Narrye Caldwell is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, classical feng shui consultant, martial artist, and practitioner of Chinese Pole Star astrology. She is available for astrology consultations at her office in Santa Cruz, Ca., or by Skype or phone. She can be reached through her website at www.narryecaldwell.com.



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