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Spirit of the Stars: Navigating Your Fate With Pole Star Astrology

Author: Narrye Caldwell

178 Pages, includes Tables and resources for creating your own Natal Charts; PLUS companion instructional DVD. Regular: $44.95, Journeys price $37.95

Pole Star astrology is a wisdom and longevity science, pointing us toward balance, and a life in perfect alignment with our true character. One of the oldest and most accurate astrology systems, it was unknown in the west until the end of China’s Imperial age a century ago. But even as it became available to westerners, it remained difficult to learn, and figuring out how to extract meaningful interpretations proved elusive.

“The Spirit of the Stars” presents, for the first time in English, clear instruction on building and interpreting a Pole Star chart. Western astrologers, practitioners of Chinese medical arts, and those pursuing the mantic arts of Feng Shui and numerology, will all benefit from the step-by-step presentation of this sophisticated system. Even those just interested in creating and understanding their own personal charts will find an accessible path in this package.

This book, with its included companion DVD, is unique in providing the necessary context for a true understanding of the Pole Star system, including the Chinese concepts of Fate, Divination and the Three Powers. Its chapters include a comprehensive breakdown on chart construction; an elucidation of each “star” in the system; and methods to interpret and synthesize the many layers of meaning in a chart. There is also a section on moving the chart through time, designed to find and evaluate future periods of luck in different areas of life. The book’s appendix is well-stocked with supplementary material.

Narrye Caldwell is a Licensed Acupuncturist, a martial artist with 35 years of experience, a classical feng shui consultant, a pole star astrologer, and a practitioner of core shamanism. As a faculty member at Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she has incorporated Pole Star Astrology classes into the medical curriculum. She also teaches through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Academy of Martial & Internal Arts in Santa Cruz, CA.




Blossoms In the Spring: A Perfect Method of Qigong

Authors: Ted Mancuso & Narrye Caldwell

In this exciting new approach to an ancient art, the authors explain the complete “Blossoms in the Spring”, a Taoist exercise for health, serenity and harmonization. “Blossoms in the Spring” is a beautiful, graceful regimen which can be performed from almost any position. It captures the relaxation of Qigong and the health concepts of Chinese medicine.     Book: $16.95


The one thing we heard over and over at our seminars and book signings was “Where’s the DVD?” And you can’t blame people because the advent of the DVD has made instruction clearer than ever before. But we wanted to make a film that was more than just moves so we spent a lot of time on this production adding in extras about Qigong and Chinese medicine, special training hints, unusual insights and even a few interviews. We now proudly present this companion, as you all requested. Entering the peaceful and fascinating world of Qigong has never been easier.     DVD: $24.50

Buy both together and save over 15%$34.50



Book/DVD package:

Wujishi Breathing Exercises

Author: Sai Songfan

What is Wujishi? It was the first book in english to discuss, in depth, standing breathing exercise. It is comprehensive to the point of even including case histories of those people who used Wujishi to cure certain illnesses and conditions. It is detailed in the finer points of standing and breathing, micro- and macro-cosmic orbits, Qi movement and something the author refers to as “sticking to the Dan Tian.

The importance of this book cannot be underestimated. It is, at the same time, a fundamental manual for an important Qigong routine; a detailed instruction of the basics of standing breathing exercise for health and strength; and a considered testament to its effectiveness.

This edition is newly reprinted by Plum Publications from the out-of-print text, and contains some minor corrections and revisions, along with a new cover and introduction.

A free, 10 minute, online video tutorial is included with each copy.





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