Shamanic Counseling

shamniccircle1WHAT IS SHAMANIC COUNSELING? Shamanic Counseling is a technique for accessing your heart’s wisdom. This technique is based on the classic “journey” practiced by shamans in traditional cultures all over the world for thousands of years. The journey is a door into non-ordinary reality where the practitioner shifts consciousness to a dream-like state and meets with helping spirits in the form of power animals and teachers. These spirit allies provide healing and guidance in a form that is uniquely suited to each individual. Most people can learn the technique in a few sessions. After learning to journey on their own, clients have access to a source of spiritual power that is available to them for healing, support, and guidance for the rest of their lives.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Clients typically use shamanic journey skills in a variety of life-enhancing ways. Among these are: healing and rejuvenation, practical problem solving, understanding relationship issues, accessing and nourishing creativity, gaining insight into challenging situations, reconnecting with their bliss, spiritual growth, clarifying life purpose. 

Series of 5 Sessions (each 1-1/2 hours). Total: $450.00 This is a complete training program in the use of shamanic techniques for personal divination and healing. Individual sessions are available after completion of the program.

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