Soul Retrieval


art_celt5 From a shamanic perspective, it is assumed that to stay healthy and happy in life, a person must maintain a strong connection to their own soul. The soul is a part of our spirit that is fundamental to our vitality and uniqueness. But soul loss, in which we lose connection with some aspects of our soul, is unfortunately common; many believe it to be epidemic in modern times. This disconnect can happen as a result of physical or emotional trauma, personal tragedy, injury and shock, negative emotions, and even isolation from nature. Soul loss may manifest with a variety of symptoms including depression, chronic illness,  hopelessness,  feeling frozen, numb, or lost,  and a lack of purpose, vitality, and passion. 

A soul retrieval session usually lasts anywhere from 60-90 minutes. The practitioner first finds out from the client what major issues they may be experiencing on an emotional, physical, or spiritual level. After making the client comfortable, the practitioner “journeys” with the help of spirit allies into non-ordinary reality in search of missing soul parts. This shift  into a visioning, or shamanic, state of consciousness is supported by drumming, either live if there is an assistant available, or from a drumming cd. During the journey, the shamanic practitioner “sees” the client’s missing soul parts in visions and is assisted by helping spirits in recovering them. Soul parts are returned to the client’s heart and consciousness by blowing them back into the body with strong intention. The returned soul is then empowered through song and other shamanic ritual. Many people report a renewed sense of wellness, vitality, clarity, and presence after experiencing soul retrieval. Often, other forms of therapy and healing that were not effective before, begin to work better after the recovery of soul parts.

After the session the practitioner may provide suggestions for soul nurturing that are specific to each client.

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