My Approach to Healing

N7mMy goal is is to help you find optimal health so that you have the vitality and balance to live the life of your dreams and contribute your unique gifts to the world.

New patients begin with a one-hour health assessment during which I take a thorough history. I also utilize traditional Chinese tools like tongue and pulse analysis, along with western lab tests and bioenergetic assessment when appropriate. It’s important to me to hear your whole story. In my experience, this thorough initial detective work is the crucial, (and often overlooked,) step in resolving many complex health problems.

You will leave this session with a customized treatment plan. We may draw from different modalities that I work with including acupuncture, herbs, nutritional coaching, whole foods supplements, qi gong, tai chi, meditation, and spiritual healing. Some people may only need a single session with appropriate nutritional or lifestyle recommendations. Other conditions are more complex and may require a longer protocol that combines several techniques and regular follow up visits.

Over the years I’ve developed specialized knowledge in a number of areas. These include digestive disorders, chronic fatigue and poor immunity, hormonal balance, menopause, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety, and nutritional medicine. I spend focused, quality time with each of my patients, and am dedicated to helping you move beyond symptom relief to optimal health.

To make your initial appointment call my office at 408-489-8268 or

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