Fall Tai Chi class starting Sept. 6

 Tai Chi for Health
Get started or deepen your skills

Meets twice a week for 3 months
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-10 a.m.
Sept. 6 to Nov. 24

(we may adjust the final class date to accommodate Thanksgiving)

Academy of Martial & Internal Arts
1570 Soquel Dr. (across from Dominican Hospital)
(We will meet in the parking lot in front of the school)

taught by Narrye Caldwell, AMA instructor and 40 year practitioner

Tuition: $285 (paid in advance for full 3 months)
or $110 per month

This 3 month series is an introduction to the beautiful art of Tai Chi. We will begin with the proper structure and bio-mechanics that give this ancient art its well deserved reputation as a health and longevity practice. We will also be learning a Yang style short set that was specifically designed by Sifu Ted Mancuso to be not only authentic, but learnable in a 3 month time frame.

The class is oriented to beginners, but more experienced students who want to refresh their skills are welcome and encouraged to attend.

I keep the class small so I can give individual attention.

Students who have already completed any of my 3 month Tai Chi classes and would like to come once a week to review and refresh their skills,  are welcome to attend at a reduced rate. Please contact me. 

Covid safety protocols:

I’m requesting that all participants in this class be fully vaccinated. We will be meeting outdoors to insure the safest possible environment. In the event of rain, we will meet indoors at the Academy, with masks required.

We will not be doing any partner exercises, push hands, or applications that require students to be in close contact.

Registration: Use the PayPal button below to register and reserve your place.
You do not need a PayPal account to register. After you click on the PayPal button it will give you the option to use any credit/debit card if you prefer. After I receive your payment I will send a confirmation and further details about the class. (Please note, the email you use with Paypal is the only one I will have to contact you. Please make sure this is an active email for you.)

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Narrye Caldwell has practiced Chinese Medicine and martial arts for 40 years. She teaches Tai Chi at the Academy of Martial & Internal Arts, and is also guest faculty teaching core shamanism for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

For more information about her workshops and services go to https://www.narryecaldwell.com

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