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Inspired Shamanic Practice:
The Essentials of Effective & Principled Shamanic Healing

A Live Online Workshop
Taught by Narrye Caldwell

Nov. 19 & 20, 1:00-4:30 pacific time

Tuition: $150 (FSS members $140)

An effective shamanic healing practice depends on a combination of factors, including authentic and rigorous training in methods and direct experience with clients. As a spiritual healing method, the pragmatic aspects of the profession may be easily overlooked, and yet can make the difference between a valuable experience and a profoundly healing one from the client’s viewpoint.

A well-designed container for your healing practice that supports your clients and inspires you, can considerably enhance the effectiveness of your work. This training is appropriate for those beginning a shamanic practice who want advice on what issues to consider and how to proceed, as well as for seasoned healers looking to dialogue with other practitioners and to deepen their own work.

Purpose of the workshop:
To help you develop an ethical, effective shamanic practice that has integrity and is based in respect for all beings;

To offer you guidelines and ways of deciding for yourself regarding ethical issues – such as whether there is permission to do shamanic healing work in a specific situation – rather than “one size fits all” rules or answers;

To increase the professionalism of the practice by helping you create a supportive “container” that enhances your practice, including appropriate boundaries, safety, and freedom to practice within that container.

What will be covered: Ethical issues such as permission, talking with and screening potential clients, what to do before and after a session; brief legal considerations (not legal advice*); practicing with integrity and respect; and some pragmatic aspects of an effective shamanic practice.

This experiential online training is offered via Zoom video conferencing, which is free to individual users. Participants will see and hear each other and interact in pairs and small groups, as well as in the full circle. All students must participate with audio and video. Instructions for Zoom and workshop access will be provided after registration. The course consists of 7 hours of training, in two 3 1/2 hour sessions.

NOTE: This workshop is part of the Shamanic Healing Online Training Program. It may be taken at any time after completion of the prerequisites. It is required to receive a certificate of completion for the online Shamanic Healing program.


  1. The Basic Workshop: The Way of the Shaman (in-person workshop)
  2. OR The Shamanic Journey: Pathway to Knowledge & Power AND Shamanic Divination in Practice
  3. Recommended* The Shamanic Worldview: Everything is Alive (available online only)

7 FSS Continuing Education (CE) Credits available. Completion of the entire workshop (7 hours) is required for credit.

Electronic recording of audio, video, and images is not permitted during the workshop.

How to Register: Use the PayPal button below to register and reserve your place. Space is limited so please register well in advance of the workshop dates. You do not need a PayPal account to register. After you click on the PayPal button it will give you the option to use any credit/debit card if you prefer. After I receive your payment I will send you further details about how to join the online workshop. (Please note, the email you use with Paypal is the only one I will have to send confirmation materials to. Please make sure this is an active email for you.)

FSS members receive a tuition discount. Please select the appropriate tuition from the drop down menu, then click the Buy Now button. After payment is received, you will be sent a registration form, where you will enter your member discount code. To find your discount code, login at Membership questions:

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Narrye Caldwell teaches and practices core shamanism, and martial arts. She has been in private practice as a health care practitioner in Santa Cruz CA. for over 30 years. She is a faculty member with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and an instructor at The Academy of Internal & Martial Arts.


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