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Welcome to THE BALANCE SYSTEM,  a three month weight management program integrating acupuncture,herbs, whole foods supplements, and nutritional counseling.

STOP DIETING AND START LIVING. Extreme diets, deprivation, stress, and unrealistic exercise regimes are a drag, impossible to stick with, make you exhausted and depressed, and worst of all, don’t work. You probably already know this, but with the plethora of confusing books and approaches to weight loss on the market these days, how do you know what’s right? No one wants to invest months of their life making themselves miserable only to find in the end they’re back where they started, or worse, have gained yet more weight (as can happen on low fat diets.)

Our unique approach combines traditional Chinese Medicine to balance your metabolism, with modern nutritional knowledge to determine the foods that are best for your body and lifestyle. You actually gain health and energy while losing weight.

Do you struggle with weight issues, food cravings, and unhealthy eating habits?
Have you tried to lose weight and failed numerous times?
Are you concerned about chronic weight related health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease?
Are you having trouble shedding those stubborn ten pounds that mysteriously appeared after menopause?

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, our program can help.


ACUPUNCTURE–Weekly treatments during your weight loss program act to energize your digestion, balance your endocrine system, and calm stress. The result is a more efficient metabolism. Some people who are overweight are actually malnourished because their digestive system isn’t absorbing and assimilating nutrients properly. When this issue is addressed, cravings and compulsive eating often disappear and healthy eating habits naturally take their place.

WHOLE FOODS NUTRITION–Whole unprocessed foods in the right proportions for your body and lifestyle, are essential to maintaining a healthy weight throughout life. We design a food plan for you based on whole foods nutrition, and support you to create healthy eating habits. We also use whole foods nutritional supplements from Standard Process to provide your body with optimal nutrition. This approach maximizes energy and minimizes cravings.

CUSTOMIZED HERB AND SUPPLEMENT PLAN–We use a variety of herbal formulas, customized for your unique energetic type, to bring your system into balance. This is one of the elements that makes our program different. Each person meets regularly with an experienced acupuncturist/herbalist and is given an herbal prescription that matches their constitution and supports weight loss.

PERSONALIZED EXERCISE PROGRAM–Exercise is an important part of any weight loss program, and we know that it’s sometimes difficult for people to stick with an exercise plan for a variety of reasons. So we’ve arranged to have a personal trainer available to our clients as an optional part of the program. If you already exercise regularly, we’re happy to support you to stick with your current regimen, or we can help you evaluate it for better effectiveness. But if you feel a little lost about this part of the weight loss process you can meet with a personal trainer who’s part of our team.

We also offer private qigong and Tai Chi lessons that can be incorporated into your program.

As a health care practitioner, I know that drastic quick weight loss plans and extreme diets are harmful to the body and don’t provide lasting results.  The only route to lifelong weight management is a commitment to new habits. But it takes knowledge and support to put the right habits in place.

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