The places and books we trust. Information from a different angle…

Greenpasture brings activator x and therapeutic fats to the community.

Cal Earth Minerals is committed to researching and delivering only safe and effective methods to cleanse our environment and advance the cause of public health.

Standard Process is devoted to improving the quality of life by providing the safest, most effective, highest quality dietary supplements through health care professionals.

Monavie was founded by an innovative, dynamic, and experienced team dedicated to changing lives around the world through the introduction of unique, leading-edge nutritional products and a rewarding independent business opportunity.

Imperial Tea Court is world-famous and renowned as an exclusive source for many of the most highly acclaimed and sought-after teas produced today.


Mind and Spirit : Founded by internationally renowned anthropologist Michael Harner with a three-fold mission to study, to teach, and to preserve shamanism, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies has built a reputation of consistency and excellence by providing effective, quality training in Core Shamanism to interested learners worldwide.

Focusing : With training (find a trainer or therapist) you can find the entry point to your embodied knowledge.

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