Tai Chi Sword Class

Tai Chi Straight Sword–Basics
Wednesdays 7-8 pm for 8 weeks
Sept. 25-Nov. 13
 Beauty, grace, agility, and strength, are all qualities long associated with the revered Chinese straight sword, or jian.

Over two thousand years old, the jian has many faces. Long considered a magical talisman as well as a martial weapon, it is often called the “scholar’s weapon” because of its association with the development of character, wisdom, gentleness, integrity, and composure. It is said that a straight sword practitioner must learn to connect the sword to the heart, utilizing spirit, mind, and qi to control the movements. Even in fighting, the practitioner must wield the sword in such a way as to engender friendship and respect, never evoking anger or resentment.

In this class, students will learn and practice basic straight sword movements, which can constitute a stand alone practice, or form a solid foundation for more advanced work.
Come join us for this fun and inspiring class!
No previous experience required.
(Please register in advance! Enrollment limited to 10)
Tuition: $120 (full 8 week class)
(Please register in advance! Enrollment limited to 10)
Academy of Martial Arts
1570 Soquel Dr. (Across from Dominican Hospital)


Taught by Narrye Caldwell, Licensed Acupuncturist, with 30 years Tai Chi experience and over 25 years of clinical and teaching experience. She has a private practice in Santa Cruz and is on the faculty at Five Branches University and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

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