Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator

Below are some guidelines for using this birthday conversation calculator. As an example, we’ll use the details for a person born on February 1, 1958, at 8:05 pm, in Los Angeles, California.

Enter your western birthday in exactly the format given to the right of the field, using periods and punctuation as shown. Do NOT make adjustments for daylight savings time. The calculator does that automatically for you. Spaces count!
ex: 01.02.1958 08:05 pm

Using the drop down menu, Select the time zone as it is named in the place of your birth (i.e. Pacific time, Mountain time, etc.). The major city listed for each zone is just a reference—you do not need to have been born in that city.
ex: America-United States-Los Angeles (Pacific Time)

You also have the option of using GMT time, if you have that information ex: GMT-8.

Fill In the city/state or city/country where you were born, then click “Look up” and the calculator will automatically fill in the longitude/latitude. Finally, click “Calculate” and it will display the stems and branches of your 4 pillars.

Zi Wei Dou Shu Lunar Calculator

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