Back at it…..

I’ve been immersed for the past ten months in classical feng shui school.  I thought it would be fun and easy.  After all, I’m a doctor of Chinese medicine and figured feng shui would just be like treating the house instead of the person.  Yin and Yang, five elements, wind, water, qi flow, how hard could all this be? Boy was I knocked for loop! Totally humbled!

What I discovered is that real feng shui, not the popular stuff which warns everyone about having their toilet in the wealth corner, is an extremely complex science. I burned the midnight oil for months in order to master the concepts and formulas. But I’m so glad I made the commitment to learn the real thing. Now I’m ready to go out and really help people with their living and work environments, using a powerful set of feng shui tools that includes the amazing Flying Star system.

You can check out my new feng shui site at I also have a blog on that site called Chi Flow.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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