Why I Eat Dirt

Every morning for some years now, I’ve gotten up early and performed the same ritual.  It goes like this:  Measure one teaspoon of dirt (actually it’s special dirt, but more about that later,) into a glass, fill with water, stir, and drink it down.  Swirl a little extra water in the glass to dissolve that last bit of gritty mud at the bottom, and chug down the last of it.  Mmmmm……great way to start the day.

Of course you’re wondering if I’m crazy. You’ve probably heard of clay masks for beautiful skin, or even clay baths. But drink the stuff? That’s nuts, right?

Well, no. I’m here to tell you it’s the best thing I’ve done for my health in the last four years. I’m talking about a special clay called calcium montmorillonite, currently only available through Calearthminerals and known as Terramin. This stuff is so mineral rich it’s been researched and approved by NASA as a solution for the bone loss experienced by astronauts during space travel.  In fact, I first started taking it as  part of my own bone strengthening protocol, and experienced so many other health benefits, including greatly improved digestion, that I now carry it at my office and put most of my patients on it.  Soon, it will be available on my website, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here are a few quick facts about this special edible clay:

1) It is one of the best sources of pure unadulterated minerals, both trace and macro, available on the planet. And, because of the structure of the clay, these minerals are extremely bio-available.

2) Calcium montmorillonite clay has a unique molecular structure that enables it to gently cleanse the body by pulling toxins out as it travels through the digestive system, while at the same time strengthening the body by donating its abundant trace minerals.

3) The clay is mined from a desert source by a company that carefully preserves the land and tends the clay like the sacred food it is.

I consider this special edible clay to be a “super food”, and one of several key factors in cultivating health and longevity.  The reason is that due to modern agricultural methods, the minerals we need for optimal cellular and metabolic function are just no longer in our food supply.  Not only can we replace these essential nutrients by ingesting the clay every day, we can at the same time rid ourselves of environmental toxins that endanger our health.

And all in a glass of dirt! I’ll let you all know as soon as it’s available on my site….hopefully within a couple of weeks.

See the product here…

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